Monday, September 09, 2013

FOUR and a HALF!

My posts about Luke have become fewer and farther between the older he gets. I always do a birthday post, holiday posts and a half birthday post, and that's where we are again. My big boy is four and a half!

It's crazy to see him grow up before my eyes. There are some days I don't see anything, and others that I am shocked he has already advanced to the point he has. Interestingly, though he is still stubborn, he is a bit less strong willed than he used to be, and that role seems to have been transferred to Little Sister.

He still enjoys being the center of attention and often begins going crazy and showing off as soon as people come over. I asked him today what his favorite part of school is and, of course, he said recess. My boy loves the social aspect of life! He will play by himself, but not for too long. Unless he's on the computer, that is. He loves,, and Daddy recently hoPermalinkoked him up with Netflix which is t.r.o.u.b.l.e. The boy loves TV most of all, and Netflix is like his TV paradise because there are a gazillion shows available to him, even Mommy approOptioSchedulensPermalinkved shows. Location

It is his love of TV and computer that pushed me to adapt to his learning style. He is a visual learner. And, he does not like to sit down and do much in the way of "formal" learning. Luke doesn't even like to color; never has. But, it's amazing to see how well he does with DVDs and The Leapfrog learning DVDs are fun to watch, have catchy songs, and really have helped him learn. We keep them in the car and he watches them over and over. Our current DVD is Talking Words, learning how sounds turn into words and working with word blends. Lacey already knows the alphabet because of these DVDs, and she's not even two.

Two weeks ago, Luke started Junior Kindergarten. Sniff, sniff. Sure, he's always gone to some kind of Mother's Day out, and did Pre-K 3 days/week last year, but this year is 5 full days and it's hard on this mama! Not to mention that JK is totally different from PK. All of sudden some of the "play all day" approach is gone and there is serious curriculum, and only one teacher instead of a teacher and a helper. It's still fun, and it's not like over the top, but I'm glad that he is getting the academic preparedness he needs to launch into Kindergarten next year. His teacher is "Miss" Kim. She's a great combination of strict and scheduled, but loving and fun. I ran into her the other day at pick-up and she told she had tested Luke and his skills and knowledge that day and that he was in great shape. Yay!

Regarding his size, Luke is 42 lbs and 43 inches tall (which makes Allen happy because he will be eligible to ride most of the rides when we head to Disney World next month). He wears a 4T-5T, or big boy size 4.  Shoe size is 11.

He has stopped taking naps at home for the most part, though naps well at school each day. I do tend to force a day on one of the weekend days. He is tired, he just doesn't want to miss anything! He sleeps with an entourage that we call his "guys": 3 blankies (it started off that we had 3 to keep in different locations as a baby, and he now sleeps with all 3), a stuffed bear and a stuffed hungry caterpillar. He just decided one day that he was going to sleep with those stuffed animals, and now he has to have them all the time.

Similarly, Luke has claimed a spot on the couch. For a couple years it was the far right side, and he couldn't bear to have anyone else sit there. Then, all of a sudden one day, he decided to claim the exact middle of the couch. Just like that. And now no one else can sit there when he's wanting to sit on the couch. The story is similar with his chair at the table. If anyone else tries to sit in it, he goes crazy on them. We are working on this behavior. I find it very interesting, though.

Food - strawberries, pizza, chicken nuggets
Color - red
Things to do - play swords or some kind of fighting with Daddy, go to Chuck E Cheese, the Children's Museum of Memphis, go to Pump It Up, go to the park, watch TV, play on computer, play with Lacey, do puzzles, read his comic books (really Step 1 and 3 Learn to Read books, but he calls them his comic books because they are all superhero ones), play with his superheroes, play with trains,

Playing Ninja Turtles and Batman with Daddy

He built a food fort with the groceries I was working to put away! Creative boy. 

Threatening to spray me with the hose...I think he knows better than that!

He is such a sweet brother!

This boy loves dessert! 

My big boy!

We got a new playset for the backyard and Luke has mastered the rock wall!

Splish splash in the little pool!

The sandbox is another favorite!


He made a city of all the boxed goods I brought home from the grocery. He had a house, a place to go to work, a gas station, etc. Good imagination, this boy!

His first roller coaster ride at the Fair!

Brother-sister morning cuddles!

This smart boy is growing up so fast! 
We love you, Lukers!