Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of School, 2013-2014 School Year!

BOTH my babies started school at Harding Academy last week: Luke began Junior Kindergarten and Lacey began the 2 year old class. Luke was very excited, and Lacey had no idea what was going on, but she was caught up in the general excitement of it all anyway.

Luke attended Harding last year for Pre-K. Originally he was just going to attend 5 half days because the JK program is 5 days and I thought 5 full days would be too much for him (or maybe for me to let him go already!) and, of course, it costs more. In normal Luke fashion, though, he spent most of last week asking me when he could stay to have lunch with his friends and play the rest of the day. So, starting tomorrow, he will try out full days. He actually naps more consistently at school, so that will be a positive. At home, he has mostly stopped taking naps, but I don't usually allow TV watching in lieu of nap, and he struggles to find things to do on his own. He wants someone to play with him, and nap time is typically when I get things done on my days home. So staying at school may be a better option for him anyway.

Lacey has never been anywhere but the church nursery or kid care at my gym. But, she loves other kids, is very social, loves singing and playing and so we decided to put her in 3 mornings a week. After some consideration, we jointly decided with administration to put her in an early 2's class (meaning kids who have recently turned 2) since she will be 2 so soon and is a bit advanced. So far, so good! She is picked up after eating her lunch and comes home for naps.

Regarding uniforms-- Luke's policy is more strict this year and all shirts must be formal uniform shirts with the monogrammed "H". Lacey's uniform policy is much more loose; she just has to wear solid colors in navy, red, khaki or white.

Luke's teacher is Miss Kim.
Lacey's teachers are Miss Kim and Miss Marlene.

Here are a few pictures from their first day:

Luke posing for his obligatory 1st day pictures.

Yes! Her backpack is about as big as she is! But the program requested one big enough to fit a binder, so I decided to get her one she would have for a while.

When did they get so big and how do I make it stop?!