Friday, October 25, 2013

TWO Years Old!

Miss Lacey Elizabeth is TWO!

Our girl is spunky, stubborn, smart and quite a handful. I told our pediatrician at her check-up that she's like a flea; she flits from one mess to another and before I've seen the one mess she's made, she on to another! For instance, when I was working to try to get her birthday dinner prepared, she wanted a bowl and a spoon. After playing for a few minutes, I turned to check on her and she had been dripping water from her sippy cup into the bowl, added some of her fridge magnets, and was stirring it all with her spoon and saying, "that too much!" And then she'd say, "not enough, need some more!" Of course, water was all over the floor. Bracing myself for this next year!

Some of her favorites:

  • Singing. She sings all the time, and has even started to make up songs about everyday objects or things to tunes she knows. There are a couple songs that involve motions or jumping. One in particular, The Jumping Song, where she recently has taken to making us sit in certain spot and sing it with her, then get up and jump when it's our turn, give a high 5, and return to our spot. Then it's her turn. And this goes on indefinitely....
  • Playing in her little kitchen
  • Her baby dolls. She has a doll sized Graco stroller with carseat and will push that thing everywhere. She has a real interest in her babies diapers and changing them. Likes to feed them bottles.
  • Coloring. Luke was never into coloring, but she loves it. Also loves to paint or use her dot paint markers.
  • Dress up. This is new. Nanna has some dress up clothes and Lacey really enjoyed putting fun things on at her house one day. My aunt then sent her a fun box of dress up items for her birthday and she has had so much fun with the play clothes, play jewelry, etc. She has really started to grow in her desire for girly things and activities. 
  • Her pacis and blankies. She would have them with her all day long if I let her. We have relegated the paci to bed/nap time only.
  • Books. Still loves to look at books and have someone read to her. Good Night Gorilla has remained one of her favorites at bedtime.
  • Building. She loves blocks and legos. 
  • Chicken nuggets and pizza, unfortunately. Something seems to have happened to both my kids when they hit 2. They both began to refuse eating things they had eaten well up until then, which has mostly included some of the healthier stuff. Her favorite veggie remains broccoli, though sweet potatoes are a close second. 
  • Mommy. This girl is a Mama's girl through and through. She is fine to be left at the church nursery, gym daycare or whatever, but when it comes to daily activity at home, she wants Mommy, not Daddy, to do everything for her and with her. 
Her stats:
  • Weighs 27 lbs, is 35 inches high. Height is 75th-90th percentile, BMI is 25th percentile.
  • Wears size 24 months - 2T clothes, size 7 shoe.
  • Eyes are hazel, more brown than green.
  • Hair is crazy, curly blonde. The kind of hair that looks terribly unkempt if the curls are prepared and done. It will be so pretty as it grows and I can't wait to see how it will look!

On to some pictures! 

Just like her brother at around this age, she is obsessed with playing in the driver's seat when we get home. 

I pulled out a tea set she was given as a shower gift, and she LOVES it! In fact, you almost don't want to be around when she's playing with it because you will be expected to participate in a tea party for a good 20 minutes. She's quite bossy, this one. Wonder where she gets it?!

Sitting like a big girl, no longer in a highchair, but eating at the kids' table.

These are pretty much all from my phone and are pretty blurry because she's almost always on the move! But it's the memory I'm capturing since this is like my journal, so blurry or not, here she is!

We went to Nanna's house one day and Lacey got into all Nanna's dress up clothes that she has for the grandgirls. It was the first time I had seen her show an interest in playing dress up. Since then she received a fun box of dress up clothes and play jewelry from my Aunt Susan and she is loving it!

She loves Bible class! Her favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me and This is the way we pat the Bible.

This pic is totally blurry, but the girl drew all over her legs with a pen!

I've started taking her to classes at The Little Gym, and so far she is loving it! 

We had a Barney & Friends family birthday for her. The girl LOVES Barney! Hopefully I'll get Allen to get those pics off his fancy camera so I can share!