Wednesday, August 01, 2012


This post is a quick filler about ME. My last personal post was before Lacey was born and life was cuh-razy. The holidays at home while on maternity leave were complete bliss. I have never experienced such freedom since I graduated college and not sure when I will again since the end of the year is the busiest time in my line of work. I did return to work though and life was even harder than before. Despite all the leniency my boss gave me with my daily schedule, I was still expected to keep my sales numbers up and also then come home to another full time job as wife, mommy and COO extraordinaire of the Gillespie home, all with a toddler and a baby who still refuses to completely sleep through the night. Way.Too.Much. The whole reason we left CA was to find some breathing room. I knew I needed to stay with my job for a while after moving and actually hoped it would have worked out for the long term given the flexible nature, but I just could never get out from under the stress. Even if I didn't have a lot going on, I could not relax because I was expected to bring through one more sale for the month, etc. My blackberry was attached to me at all times and I just never felt like I could have undivided time for my family. 

SO, after lots of prayer and conclusion that I must make a change, I called a few of my favorite broker partners to see if there was anything I could do for them on a part time basis. I wrestled and wrestled with the idea of staying home altogether. It just never felt quite right and I learned long ago that, when seeking God's path for my life, the right decision will give me complete peace. That being the case, and to further test the waters, I sort of asked for the moon when I approached these folks to see if it was truly right and worth it. 

The good news is that each of the brokers I approached not only offered me something, but created positions for me as none of them currently had anything part time available. I was so flattered. Ultimately, I chose to work with the largest regional brokerage in Memphis, one with whom I agree and believe in on almost every level. The practice leader is an awesome Christian man who prays at lunch out with coworkers or clients. Maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal, but that never happened in my old world. In my new world, I am an Account Executive and work Tues, Wed, Thurs from 8:30 - 3 pm. Luke will start Harding Academy in August and go T, W, Th from 8:15 - 3:15; Lacey stays at home with Grammie and plays all day. I get home with enough time to decompress (not that my new job is at all stressful), play with my kids and make dinner. Then I have 4 days off. 

I told my mom the other day that I felt like I was cheating because my life has always involved a stressful, full time job and this is such a change. I love my new life. I have a great balance of family time and also a chance to do what I am good at and keep an income stream. Life is far from perfect, but for me, it's so much better.