Sunday, July 15, 2012

10 Months Old!

10 Months Old!

Our Lacey Lou is 10 months old and seems to have finally hit the "go" button on development. Her army crawl finally progressed to a true hands and knees crawl at 9.5 months and the girl is into EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything. I used to say when Luke was little that parenting took vigilance; while that's true, it's even harder parenting a mobile baby who often encounters her brother's left behind and not-for-baby toys. I know this is only the beginning! We're excited that our sweet girl is growing and changing, even if it is a mixed blessing.

At 10 months, Lacey:

  • Weighs ~20 lbs 2 oz
  • Wears size 9-12 months and 12 months, size 3 shoe, size 4 diaper (though a bit big)
  • Still NO teeth! 
  • As I shared, finally crawling! 
  • Into pulling everything off shelves, dumping out all her toys or Luke's toys, turning over the trash  in her room or the bathrooms, opening and closing cabinets, tearing paper. Absolutely loves the noise of plastic and so, though of course not safe, will always do whatever she can to get to it and play.
  • LOVES books. This is new for us because Luke was never into books and still is not really interested aside from what we read at bedtime. This girl will sit and look at books for quite a while, even by herself.
  • Can self feed and has been rejecting baby food more and more. Since I am not quite ready for her to give up purees altogether and since she still needs her baby cereal, we have been exploring self feeding with a spoon. She actually does pretty well and gets the spoon to her mouth and eats from it! Of course, half the bowl is all over the highchair and herself, but at least we're getting the concept down. 
  • Says "ma ma ma" when she wants my attention. Has repeated "uh" a few times when I've said uh-oh.
  • Claps! 
  • Still taking 2 naps a day for the most part. The first is typically 1.5 - 3 hours. The afternoon nap is hit and miss. Before she falls asleep at any time of the day or night, she rolls around and plays in her bed for a minimum of 20 minutes. Sometimes up to an hour. I will know she is tired, but she won't cave. And it's not like there are even any toys in her bed. She fusses, rolls around, sits up, lays back down, rolls to the other end plays with her pacis, talks, talks, talks, fusses, then repeat until she falls asleep. And like Luke, she has never been one of those babies who would sleep anywhere. She will only sleep in her bed or fall asleep in the car if very tired, and even then, she will have fought it. Bedtime is between 6 and 7 pm, depending on when she woke from her last nap. Still not making it through the night, though doing better. I've gone back to dream feeding around 10 or 11 pm in order to get her through to the morning. She still typically wakes wanting to eat in the early morning hours of 4:30-6:30. If it's in the 6:00 hour, I'll just get her up. My goal was to get her away from waking at 2:30-3:00 am as she had gotten into the habit of doing and so far we've had success.
  • Makes so many different noises with her mouth. Talks, yes, but all sorts of other noises, too, like a clicking, raspberries, etc. just because she's happy. 
  • Very happy, smiley girl almost all the time.
  • Went swimming for the first time and has been a few more times since!
  • No more infant bathtub! Now bathes in the big tub and we've had our first sibling bath time!



Hanging with Daddy before bed.

Auntie Kate and Uncle Chad came to visit for T's wedding. ("T" is how Luke shortened Auntie. Auntie Annie became Auntie and then just "T".)

First time swimming and she loved it!

Ready for church!

I took this one with my phone in the church nursery to capture the tongue. She has that tongue out all the time, and always over to the left side. She's usually making one kind of silly noise or another!

First Fourth of July!

One of the last pictures in her infant tub. She would kick so hard that she moved her infant tub from the back to the front of the big tub. She would splash so much that I literally would bathe her with a towel over myself. 

Here's an example of her bathtime fun!
(I debated posting this but decided it was safe.)

Evidence of our silly girl working hard to feed herself with a spoon!

We love our precious 10 month old!