Saturday, August 18, 2012

11 Months! (updated)

Lacey Lou (as we call her) is 11 months old! A year ago today I was just sure she would be coming any moment since Luke was 2.5 weeks early. This girl waited until 39 weeks and seems to have done most things later than her brother ever since. Maybe she'll be our laid back child.....

11 Month Updates:

  • Wears size 12 month clothes, size 3-4 shoe, size 4 diapers
  • Has very curly hair on the back of her head! Definitely a blonde, but not quite a tow-head like Luke.
  • Cannot quite tell the color of her eyes. They will likely end up brown, but are not exactly brown or even hazel yet. Not blue, though. Looks like I'm well outnumbered.
  • Moved from her army crawl to an official crawl about 10.5 months and is now everywhere and into everything! Had to put up gates at the bottom and top of the stairs and keep vigilant about Luke's toys that perhaps may not be safe for our little explorer.
  • Can pull up very well and with ease. Will pull herself up on our legs and move up and down like a little bounce if we are not picking her up when she thinks she needs more attention than she's getting. This usually happens when I'm trying to cook or wash dishes.
  • Claps ALL the time and is SO proud of herself when she does, likely because we give her such praise as she does it. 
  • Can hug when we ask her to "give hug". Will drop her blankie and paci in her crib after I pick her up and ask her do so. Amazes me that she DOES know what I am saying to her for the most part!
  • Clearly communicates with her specific short cries or sounds. For instance, if she wants to get in her pack 'n play to play with toys, she crawls over to it, then looks at me and makes some fussy noises. Or if I'm holding her and she drops a book or a toy and wants it, she makes little noise/fusses until I get it for her.
  • Still loves books.
  • May be my second picky eater. :( Working to try to make sure it doesn't end up that way. The one thing she will always eat without fail is cheese. I pop a slice of Tillamook cheddar in the microwave for a few seconds and put little pieces on her tray and she will literally eat the entire slice. She also likes sweet potatoes with cinnamon, bananas, LOVES freeze-dried strawberries, scrambled egg yolks, waffles, puffs (still prefers the Greens one). Sometimes likes warm apples with a little cinnamon, sometimes not. Been doing better with broccoli, but green beans are hit and miss. Never really eats peas or carrots. I still supplement with baby oatmeal cereal and purees, but she often refuses them. I usually get some toy to roll across her tray as distraction in order to shovel in the oatmeal or purees and am typically semi-successful. Still drinking breastmilk exclusively.
  • Stands in her crib to "call" for us and bounces up and down while she holds on. Allen has been waiting for the day she was old enough to stand there and hold her arms out for him to pick her up. She is not steady enough to let go while standing yet, but getting so close!
  • Finally, at 11 months, got her first tooth and has a second close behind! Teething has been fairly uneventful. I thought the second tooth was causing more trouble, but it turns out she's just been sick (103 fever, a first for her!). Aside from a couple little colds before age 3 months, she'd not really been sick at all (knock on wood!) until now. This has been my first up-at-night-with feverish-baby experience with her. 
  • LOVES her brother and her Daddy. Yes, a Mommy's girl, but those 2 can make her quickly light up and laugh. Luke loves for her to play with him. He'll say, "C'mon, Lacey, let's go crawling!" and crawl around with her. He also likes to say, "Lacey, come see Lukie!" and puts his arms out for her to come to him like we do with her. So cute. We're doing our best to teach him what it means to be a big brother and how she needs him to look out for her. He really likes the big brother role.
  • Finally sleeping through the night! Or at least she was until she got sick. Allen gives her a dream feed bottle about 11 pm to ensure she sleeps and I did a little crying it out to get her to stop waking some time between 3:30 and 5:30 as she had been. She now goes to bed at 7:00ish and wakes about 7 am on her own, with that dream feed at 11 pm. Or at least she did until she got sick.... Goal was to eliminate the dream feed this week, but will likely take longer if I have any re-training to do from getting up at night while sick. We only get 2 naps a day if I wake her at 6:30-6:45ish so her first nap is early. Otherwise she is already trying to push to only one nap a day and I am not ready for that! I'd like to argue that she is not ready for only 1 nap either, but this girl has had erratic sleep since birth and perhaps truly does not need as much as others. 


Our messy eater! I don't like to let her use a spoon because it gets EVERYWHERE. But she has much more interest in eating her cereal or purees if I let her do it herself.

Silly girl showing off with her waffle!

She loves to crawl under things: the dining table, Luke's little table, her jumperoo, her exersaucer, her highchair. Our little explorer!

Busy, busy girl!

Evidence of my comment about her being into everything! One of her favorite things to do is pull all items out of a drawer or cabinet, then move on to the next one! 

She loves getting into Brother's tool bench. And notice the tiptoes. Just like her brother when he first pulled up on things!

Reading together. Short-lived, but sweet.

Clapping! (And turning herself in a circle.)

She tolerates the walker ok, but it keeps her from getting into things as well as she'd like (precisely why Mommy likes it!), so she typically let's us know after about 2 minutes that she's done. 

Ok, Mom, get me outta here!

I was hoping to capture her crawling. You can sort of get the picture (with Luke messing around in the background...).

Well, birthday party planning is in full swing and I'm excited and sad at the same time. Hard to be sad for long with this adorable little one crawling up to my lap for some love! I do enjoy this age!