Thursday, June 14, 2012

9 Months Old!

9 Months Old!

Wow, it seems this little girl has progressed so much over the last month! 

  • Weighs 19 lbs, 8 oz (btwn 50th and 75th percentile) and is 28.5  inches long (75th percentile). Height-weight ratio is exactly 50th percentile. Head circumference is 44 inches (50th percentile). 
  • Wears very few 9 month sizes, mostly size 9-12 months and 12 months.  Still in size 3 diapers  and size 3 shoes.
  • Can army crawl on her elbows and forearms and drags the rest of her body behind her or she will just roll across the room to get where she wants to go. No cross-motion crawling yet, though.
  • Talks and talks! Says ma ma and da da and la la in addition to her other sounds. 
  • Is a very noisy eater. Mostly spits and makes raspberry sounds while talking. Typically does this more aggressively when she does not like what she is being fed.
  • Starting to eat some small bits of table food, mostly waffles, egg yolks (which she does not like), puffs (which she loves), peaches, pear, banana, teething biscuits. Still working our way up to meats, etc. She did not at all like the cheese I gave her, but we'll keep trying. 
  • Can finally cruise around in her walker and get into trouble.
  • Still loves the jumperoo and doorway jumper but she developed a blister on one of her toes so we had to take a break for several days! She nows jumps on a folded towel to protect those tootsies.
  • Takes 2 decent naps a day though the length still tends to vary a bit. Bedtime is between 6 and 7 depending on when she woke from her last nap.
  • Still adores her brother but sometimes gets mad when he takes her toys away (his toys).
  • Teething, though her pediatrician says no teeth imminent. I say the runny nose, nasty diapers and come and go crankiness say otherwise, but I guess he's right if there are no visible teeth yet. 
  • All of sudden has curly hair. So cute around her ears!
  • Smiles ALL the time. Generally a happy baby. If she's not, it's often due to a dirty diaper, hunger  or because she's bored.
  • Likes being in the bigger, convertible carseat. She loves to peek over and watch Luke as he rides in the seat next to her.
  • Still very attached to Mommy and has moderate stranger anxiety. While Luke loves to put on a show, this one is a bit more reserved with large groups so far. But when she's comfortable, she'll jabber and jabber and screech and squeal up a storm! 

Little Miss Curious getting into the pantry....

And taking everything off of her favorite shelf.

So much easier to play if you just dump it all out, right?

Playing is my favorite pastime!

I went in to check on her one night before I went to sleep and found her like this. Hilarious! She was cuddling her bumper with her feet on top of it.

Can hold her own bottle! 
Also starting to eat small bits of table food!

Loves her water cup and drinks from it well!

Happy girl!

Her awesome army crawl

We love our 9 month old!