Saturday, May 12, 2012

8 Months Old!

8 Months Old!

Baby girl is 8 months old! Luke learned to crawl during this month, so we'll see if there are any fun milestones to share in our next post! Her skills and abilities have grown so much in the last month, so I'll get right to sharing.

  • Weighs 
  • Wears size 6-9 months and 9 months; size 3 diaper; size 3 shoes
  • Can sit up very steadily, lean forward/sideways to grab a toy and steadily sit back upright
  • Rolls all over, including during diaper changes. Welcome to THAT lovely part of diapering the older baby...
  • Makes all kinds of sounds: da da, duh, ba, buh, ma ma ma, na na, nuh. Makes funny noises with her tongue. Still does her silly raspberry spitting and screeching.
  • Eats solids very well. Did not at all like peas or green beans alone, but eats them fine mixed with pears and other fruits/veggies. Not a huge fan of rice cereal by itself, so she usually gets bites that have a little cereal and a little of whatever else I'm serving her and she gobbles it up. Just recently started including solids at lunch. Still exclusively receiving breastmilk with bottles.
  • Started waking at night again over the last month to eat. We had so much going on and then were going out of town that I am just now working to get that back under control. 
  • Bedtime varies based on when she wakes from her afternoon nap. If her nap was early, bedtime can be as early as 5:30. If she wakes late, like 4:30-4:45, bedtime is closer to 7 pm. Even with the 5:30 bedtime, she typically does not wake in the morning until 7 am or later. Working to get her night wakings to just one early morning feeding around 5:30 am. Luke did this until 16 months. We'll see  how this child handles it.
  • Naps seem to finally be improving in length and fairly predictable. She usually likes to go down after about 2.5-3 hours of being awake and will sleep for at least an hour, lately more like 1.5 hours minimum. (Praise the Lord!)
  • Happy and smiley! We get comments about our adorable, happy girl almost everywhere we go! 
  • Still adores her brother and loves attention from him!
  • Cries when you take something away from her she thinks she ought to have.
  • Learning to use her walker, but can only go backwards so far. Still loves to jump in her jumperoo or doorway jumper.
  • Very close to getting up on all fours, but no success yet.
  • Wants to be held all the time. Prefers being held to anything else, even though she likes short periods of time with her toys. That may be what made our recent plane trip fairly successful-- she was held the entire time.
  • Still very much a mama's girl, though also perfectly content with her daddy. Not interested in being left in the church nursery at all. 
  • Hair is growing out and definitely very blonde, just not sure yet if she'll have white-blonde hair like her brother does. Eyes seem to be starting to turn towards the green-brown color as Luke's did about this age. Still very hard to tell what color they are. Perhaps by her first birthday we'll have a better idea of their color.

Trying to scoot along, but not really sure how yet.

Enjoying some outside time!

 At Farrell's, an awesome ice cream parlor we visited while in CA. 

Just waking up after a snooze in the Ergo at Disneyland.

This pic is a couple months old, but I forgot to post previously and it's too precious not to share!

Allen captured these great shots while watching the kids one Saturday morning while I was at the gym and surprised me with them. Love them. And love him for doing this for me!

Do you not just want to eat these two up?! 
I so love watching them grow and interact together!