Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Fun 2011

Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Lacey stayed snuggled in the Moby Wrap through the hay ride and while Luke ran around the pumpkins and rode the train.  She is my cuddle bug. Luke is my crazy boy.

Luke decided he wanted to climb this tree in our backyard. Off to a good start. Unfortunately (or fortunately for Mommy) he won't make it much higher any time soon.

The Roller Racer, second generation!!
He LOVES it!

We went to the Zoo with April, Corban and Eden. The boys were being silly with the pumpkins and kept dropping them. We had to hurry to get the pictures we wanted before one of those pumpkins actually broke open when dropped. I guess this is what being a mom of a boy is all about.

Super yummy homemade chocolate and toasted almond covered caramel apples! A Fall tradition for Annie and I. This one was for Luke's teacher.

Luke's Pumpkin Party!
Reading a Pumpkin poem and talking about pumpkins.

Snack time!

Mommy and Lacey came to read a Pumpkin story to his little class and help with the craft.

Halloween 2011
Luke was an awesome looking firefighter!  He carried an axe, small fire extinguisher, and walkie talkie in his pocket that he called his hockey tockey. We did trunk or treat at our church the night before Halloween where our church hosted 800-1000 people. We only hit a few houses on Halloween night of people we knew. Lacey looked adorable in her little Halloween tutu dress.  :)

Luke had so much fun with his cousins at trunk or treat! They made a great magician and Buzz Lightyear!

Our front door all ready for trick-or-treaters!

Playing outside is one of Luke's favorite things, especially with the crunchy leaves on the ground to run through!

Luke and his weed eater.

Okay, Mommy, I'm cold now.

We are so looking forward to enjoying the holidays with TWO kiddos!