Saturday, November 26, 2011

Girls Road Trip!

For my mom's 60th birthday we decided to take a girls road trip to Nashville.  The only Nordstrom in TN had recently opened at the Green Hills Mall in Nashville. I would have been there for the opening weekend, but Lacey was only 2 weeks old and it was not going to happen. So we decided to make a special trip for Mom's birthday. It might help understand our love for all things Nordstrom if you knew that, aside from shopping there from the time we were small, both Annie and I worked there. I started out on the Fashion Board my senior year in high school and worked off and on throughout college over summers and holiday breaks. To say that I'm sad there is no local Nordstrom is putting it lightly. I don't even need to buy anything to enjoy myself. Just give me a spiced chai latte (NO one makes it like they do) and sit me in the shoe dept near the piano player. Sigh....

Anyway, we made a quick, fun trip to Nashville a few weekends ago. We dropped Luke off with Aunt April and Corban until Daddy could pick him up and headed out on a Friday morning. Most of our afternoon was spent at Nordstrom, of course, but we also enjoyed exploring a few other stores not in Memphis. 

Lacey had a great time cozied up next to Miss Prada, Miss Tory Burch and Mr. Jimmy Choo. ;)
So fun to be silly and enjoy my girl!

Auntie Annie (known as "T" to Luke, short for Auntie)
with Miss Lacey

Ready to shop!

We had a yummy dinner at CPK, another great place NOT in Memphis, then headed to our hotel. It killed me that we were in Nashville the SAME week as the CMAs and yet not there for the actual show or to see any of the country artists. One year I will be! 

I have no pics of our stop at Trader Joe's the next morning, but we filled 2 carts full of yummy TJ's sweet and savory goodness.

It was a fantastic trip and we hope to have another one before too long!


Shilo and Jason said...

I love the fact that you had a Nordstrom road trip. I totally feel your no Nordstrom pain. I miss it!! Glad you girls had fun! Happy belated birthday to your mama ;-)