Thursday, June 09, 2011

Easter 2011

This was our first Easter in Memphis, and the first Easter we would have more family with which to enjoy the day and celebrate Christ. It was a fun weekend filled with Easter egg hunts, yummy food, and celebration.

On Saturday our church hosted an Easter egg hunt for the community.  Several of the FIT families (Families in Transition, homeless women and their children, an Agape program) were transported in to enjoy with us. Volunteer families were partnered with a FIT mom and her kids of similar ages to their own. It was a great way to engage with the moms and kids. We were partnered with Denise who had 2 little ones ages 2 and barely 1.

The church hid over 1,000 eggs because we expected a large crowd. There were sections by age, and the little kids were too funny. Parents were supposed to help them only collect so many, then sit down in the grass to ensure others had the same amount before getting the go ahead to get more. I couldn't get Luke to stop! For the first time I started seeing a competitive little one in him. Hmm...might be another trait like his mama...

Here are some pictures from Saturday:

Check out the serious face. "Did I miss one?"

Stealing from his friend, Peyton. 

"Let me go, Mom! I see more!"

The Easter Bunny left a little basket for Luke early Sunday morning. Funny that our Easter Bunny likes to leave toys, books, and goodies like bunny grahams and yogurt drops vs chocolate and candy. Mommy and the Easter Bunny have an understanding. ;)

Quick family pic, then off to church!

A few of Annie's friends live in the area with no family, so we decided to host an Easter lunch at our house for all to join, including Allen's sister and her family.

Some of the goodies. Yum! 

One of the tables.

After lunch, Luke and his cousins headed to our backyard for another egg hunt. 

Corbin was a pro.

Who saw it first?!

Luke took a break to reenact the triumphal entry. :)

But then it was back to business!

 Caden showing off the money he found hidden in an egg!

 Silly boys.

It was a busy, blessed and fun-filled weekend. 
He is risen!


Leslie said...

I soooo missed not being with all of you your 1st Easter back home, but I had promised Mother and Daddy that we would come.