Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby News!

That's right! We are expecting baby #2! Official due date is September 12th, but Luke was 2 1/2 weeks early, so I am reserving all of early to mid September as possible D-Dates.

The first trimester was tough. I work full time with a demanding job but didn't want my boss to know (he'll actually find out later this week).  I have a toddler who expects my complete attention the minute I get home, and I was sick-- the kind of sick where you think throwing up might make it better, but then you never do. Ugh. Praise God I am on to the second trimester! For some reason when I think back to my pregnancy with Luke, I recall loving everything about pregnancy, probably because the majority of it was so easy for me. It all came rushing back to me though: those first yucky months, counting the days until I (hopefully) would turn a corner. I'm in much better shape now and ready to embrace the rest of it.

We'll find out boy or girl around Easter, so stay tuned!


Shilo and Jason said...

Again, so excited for you guys!! Glad you're feeling better! xoxo

Sarah Heinle said...

Yay!! So exciting. Congratulations. I also loved being pregnant (all except those first couple of months). I look forward to hearing more news and seeing updates on the family.

Leslie said...

We know this note may not be posted unless you want the news out... this is from GrannyDot and GrandDaddy:
We are really excited about the "New" News!! We love you all!