Monday, June 14, 2010

16 Months!

Another couple months has gone by and Luke is learning and growing so much so fast! These toddler months are so interesting. He is a little sponge. His expressive vocabulary is less developed than his receptive vocabulary, so I often find myself thinking he doesn't know what I am saying, but then am surprised and excited to see him respond correctly. He babbles on and on with hand gestures, tone and inflection and what sounds like sentences, but without real words. He does have some words that he uses regularly, but the baby babble cracks me up. He looks at us with palms up and shoulders shrugged like, "Come on, Mom, you know what I mean!"

He finds the craziest things to play with. We got one of those little lightweight strollers free with a purchase at Babies R Us that we planned to give away because we have one already, so it's just been sitting in the garage. Luke found it and drug it all over the alley by our condo in CA. 

He also is at the age where he loves to push/pull/drag anything and everything. He is actually pulling a real toy in this picture, but one of his faves to push/pull around is the laundry basket. He pushes it all over the floor and stops to pick up random things and throw them inside, then moves on to the next thing. It's hysterical! 

I know boys are boys: they like to play in the dirt and just get dirty in general, much to my dismay. This kid is no different. He loves to play in the dirt and the sandbox is his absolute favorite place at the park. Sigh.... He's still my super cute little sweetie, even dirty. 

Here are a few other updates:

  • Weight 25 lbs, 7 oz, 32 inches long
  • Wears 12-18 month and 18 month sizes
  • Starting to get shy around new people and has become extremely attached to mommy. He was already attached to mommy, but the move has made him even more so, and he hates it when I leave him. Also hates the doctor. Cries the whole time. 
  • Decided at 15 months to become a paci baby and now wants the paci ALL the time. And of course, he only wants the newborn Soothie paci, no others. I am pretty confident this is a coping thing, and the doctor said it was normal and to possibly expect some regression with a move like ours. I have not really seen much regression, but the attachment to the paci, blankie and mommy speaks for itself. 
  • LOVES to dance. I mean loves it. He goes into our room and turns on my alarm clock so he can dance to the music. Or he'll dance whenever any of his toys start to play music. Adorable!
  • Makes car noises as he plays with his cars or trucks and pushes them across the floor. So cute!
  • Seems to like most foods, but still not the veggies. I have found some awesome organic and other alternative options I am going to try soon (like broccoli fries, a combo of baked broccoli and potato).  We'll see how it goes. Some foods he loves so much I have to spell them rather than say the word outloud because he knows exactly what I am talking about like "c-h-e-e-s-e".
  • LOVES to hug. Will run from person to person giving hugs, especially when we have company over. He was never a cuddler, and still won't just sit in your lap and cuddle, but wants to give and receive hugs and kisses all day long!
  • Shows anger! When he gets mad he makes little screaming noises and throws things. The other day he got mad that I would not let him have something so he took the alphabet magnets on our fridge and starting throwing them on the ground, one by one. I think this little Will of his will need some shaping....
  • Loves to play with balls, kicking and throwing them all over the house. Won't be long before we'll have to teach him that those are outside-only activities!
  • Might turn out to be my little helper-- he likes to take towels or napkins and wipe the floor, or his highchair tray. 
  • Seems to be a bit particular about things: he usually puts his cup in the little cup holder space in his highchair tray and will move it there if I put it somewhere else. Likes to close doors left open, etc.
  • Insists on feeding himself with a spoon. This makes for quite a mess for mommy and daddy, but he wants to do it all himself. Only thing he still wants mommy to do is feed him a bottle. I have not forced him to get rid f the bottle just yet because our Ped says he still needs the milk and he won't take it cold and/or from a cup and that was not something to push right now given all our other transitions. 
  • Real words used regularly: "ma-ma", "da-da", "dis" (this), "all done", "uh-oh", "shoes". Just started saying "Elmo", "hi" and "Nana"
  • Loves to play "I'm gonna get you!", whether that means us chasing him, or him chasing us. So fun!
  • Loves to sing song with hand motions. One of his favorites is The Itsy Bitsy Spider. He puts his fingers together to try to make the spider climb and it is just too cute!

We'll do a separate move post soon, but here are some pics of Luke enjoying some of the chaos.

We put him in a box and pulled him around. He loved it so much that he kept trying to climb in all the boxes around to catch another ride.

Walking across the threshold of our new home!

Playing in all the packing paper.

We kept one of the large wardrobe boxes for him to play and hide in. 
It's still entertaining him a couple weeks later. :)

Be on the lookout for our "Big Move" post whenever we get to it!

The next Luke update, he'll be a year and a half! Wow!


Sarah Heinle said...

I was looking forward to updates. I know you were moving and I know how that goes. I love to see pictures of Luke and I agree with so many things you say. My little guy is so like him. Big hugs to you all. I hope you have a wonderful first day at work!!