Thursday, August 05, 2010

~Our New Home~

We have moved across the country now 3 times: from CA to TX, TX back to CA, and now CA to TN.  I hate moving. I hate packing. I hate unpacking. I hate how long it takes for a new place to feel like home, and I hate leaving behind cherished friendships. 

This move was a little different.  Not because I enjoyed packing this time; in fact, I was worthless. Totally worthless. I seriously wandered from room to room trying to figure out what to do, but then wouldn't do anything. Part of the problem was that my packing skills were not up to par for a cross-country moved. I can pack for a cross-town move, but don't do so well when it comes to bullet proofing our stuff to ensure a safe (and whole) arrival. Thank God for Allen. He basically packed our entire house single-handedly while I did my room to room wandering. I did handle all the service cancellations, mail forwarding, address changes, etc. and that was a lot of work. So it's not like I did nothing. This move was stressful, but it was different; this time we were headed to our "promised land".

Our promised land turns out to be one of amazing thunderstorms, suffocating heat, comfort food, and sweet Southern people.  Although it boasts no Trader Joe's (sniff, sniff), I do love how affordable everything is: housing, gas, groceries, etc. And, best of all, we are close to family. Much of Allen's extended family is in Memphis including his parents, sis and bro-in-law and their boys. If that weren't awesome enough, my mom retired from teaching to move with us and take care of Luke while we work. My sister, Annie, decided she wanted to be with her family, so she moved as well! How blessed we are to have so much family so close! My other sister and her husband elected to stay in Nor-Cal. Boo. We'll lure her here, yet!

In order to accommodate everyone, we decided to rent one, big house and go commune-style until we all adjust and decide where to plant down. Rick (Allen's dad) found us a beautiful home on a lake. The view is so peaceful and we finally have a backyard (not that you want to go out there, it's so dang hot)!

Here are a few pictures of our sanctuary:

Backyard and lake, screened-in porch on the left

Jogging/biking trail around the lake

Backyard view of our abode

Canadian geese and ducks hang around the lake every day.

Clouds rollin' in...thunderstorm on the way!

We both have very busy jobs, so we feel blessed to have a peaceful home base.  Allen was offered the position of Director of Advancement/Development for Harding Academy, the private school he grew up attending.  Right at the same time I was trying to figure out what I was going to do, the only sales rep for my business segment in Memphis decided to stay home with her kids and a position became available. Hello? Definitely a God-thing. So I was able to transfer with "C" and transition into a role as New Business Manager.

And Luke. Well, he did have a tough time transitioning. I don't even want to talk about our plane trip out here (Think Luke and Mommy alone with stroller, car seat, and carry-ons, switching planes, and a late night arrival with a cranky baby. I shudder and move on.)  He has made wonderful progress with the transition, though, as do all kids in their resiliency. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have family caring for him-- people who will follow our "rules" while loving him like their own.  

While there is so much about this move that we find wonderful, we are sad to have left CA and that friends and family were left behind.  Please pray for us in this continued transition, that we will adjust, that we will make dear friends again, and that we will bond with a new church family. 

Let the new adventure begin!