Thursday, June 10, 2010

California Bucket List

This post is way overdue, but life has been moving at hyperspeed and I just haven't had a chance to sit down and blog. (For those who follow us, but not closely, we've moved to TN!) Once we got the "go" on both jobs, everything moved so quickly, that we had to really decide what "bucket list" items were most important to complete before moving away from CA. The "must" was Disneyland, both because it is one of Allen's favorite places and because we had not yet taken Luke. We also have always wanted to stay at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, so this was our chance. We spent Mother's Day afternoon and the following day at Disneyland, with a nice evening to ourselves next to the lounge fireplace (thanks to a jimmy-rigged 2-way cell phone baby monitor!). All in all, a nice break amidst the craziness.

Luke going through the gate!

We met our good friends, the Goldman Family, and enjoyed some time with them.

On the carousel.

Oh no you didn't, Mommy! 
I guess the happy atmosphere got to me. I gave the kid a little sugar.

To our complete surprise and shock, he actually fell asleep in the stroller, something he NEVER does!
Made it nice for us to stay a little longer.

At the hotel.
He pulled out as many tissues as he could before Mommy stopped him!

Fun times in Toon Town.

Wearing his Pirate shirt. Appropriate, if you know Allen. :)

He loved all the colors and music in It's a Small World!

Our little monster. He had fun and so did we! 
(Pay no attention to the food crusted on his nose!)