Monday, April 05, 2010

More Fun Firsts!

I love that even though Luke has passed the 1 year mark, there are still plenty of fun "firsts" still coming.  A few weeks ago we took Luke to get his first real shoe fitting and his first haircut. Stride Rite was very conveniently located right next door to First Cut, a fun salon for kids where they do a great job handling the first haircut on little ones.

I do think it's a bit ridiculous how much good kids shoes cost, especially given that they say at Luke's age their feet grow every 2-3 months. But they also do a good job of making you feel like a bad parent for sticking your child in shoes that are not designed to foster little feet's growth and comfort. 
We got suckered into 2 pairs. 

Just chillin' at the mall in his new shoes.

The hair cut was the main event. It's hard to tell from pictures because his hair is so light, but he had these wings coming out over his ears and no shape. 
It was time.

First Cut had these adorable little planes for the kids to sit in while they get their hair cut.  Luke loved it! 

He was getting a bit wiggly, so he finished the cut in Daddy's lap.

What a handsome boy! :)