Friday, March 05, 2010

Luke's 1st Birthday Party!

What an incredible blessing as a parent to get to plan an event as huge and as fun as your first child's first birthday party! We had such a blast putting it all together and celebrating with our friends and family. The theme was the number "1" and we had all sorts of fun "1" things around the house. While I would have preferred to have the party at the park nearby, February in SoCal is the rainy season and the last thing I wanted was to have to go to Plan B the day of, so I just planned it inside from the get-go. Upon the advice of a friend, the party was simple, no longer than an hour and a half, and that was perfect. 


You cannot really tell the size of the O-N-E from the picture, but my sister made these large cut-outs to cover one of our walls, complete with some of our favorite pictures from the past 12 months. Aren't they awesome? There is a definite benefit to having teachers in the family...

Yes, I made this "1" cake and decorated it myself. By no means am I ready for "Cake Boss", but I was pretty proud. Hopefully I get a little better each year. :)

We had so much fun with all who came to celebrate with us!

Eating his first bite of sugar was like no big deal. We put the cake in front of him and he poked at it until my mom put some of it in his mouth. He then proceeded to pick up the entire piece and put what he could in his mouth very gently. No big messes, just a fun, new experience. Just the way mommy preferred! 



Favors for the guests: a homemade "1" cookie.


Such a fun (and exhausting) day! 


Britty said...

He is absolutely adorable/beautiful, Sarah! Great job with all of the baking. Impressive! And I love his little shirt. It's such a special thing, turning one.

Sarah + Ben said...

Good job, mama! The party looked like a success! The cake is amazing-- super impressed with your skills. Luke is just darling! Loved the video of him with the cake. He is squeezy! xo, S