Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Luke's 2nd Easter

Our baby's 1st Easter last year was accompanied by 2 still very sleep-deprived parents. This Easter was much more fun. We were so excited to see Luke in his adorable Easter clothes and for his little toddler class at church where he is actually starting to learn what Easter is all about.

With girlfriend #1, Kiley Haye. (He has a few.) 

Playing on stage by the "living cross". Kids were invited up during the service to cover the cross with flowers and create a "living" cross to remind us that Jesus is still alive today.

Sweet Audrey Charles with her daddy, Robert.

How precious is this picture?? Does he not look like a little man in his hat, coat, and jeans? 
He loves Belle, our friends' dog, and follows her everywhere! Made for a cute pic from behind. This boy definitely needs a dog, but not just yet. 

A fun treat for our Easter dinner at the Charles' house. Aren't these little Easter eggs cute?


Leslie said...

I love Luke's little outfit, sooo cute! We missed getting to be with you on Easter, but loved our time together while you were here. I know it was rather a rushed trip for the two of you, but hopefully you are a little more rested now. =-)
Love ya bunches!