Thursday, April 15, 2010

14 Months

I decided to make updates every other month in year 2, so this is our first post for year 2!  It amazes me how quickly Luke went from baby to little boy.  He is such a joy! So happy, so smiley, loves people. 

Here are some updates:

  • Weight ~24 lbs
  • Wears 12 months and 12-18 month sizes; size 4 diapers, but I think I will soon move him to size 5 because I like them to sit higher on his waist and the 4s don't do that so well any more
  • Was sick the first 3 weeks after he turned one (after I bragged that he had not really been sick at all his whole first year!) and ever since he got well has a huge appetite and naps have improved to typically 2 hours morning and afternoon. Weird. Liking the nap improvements, though. 
  • Finally has a pretty solid schedule: up at 7:00 am, naps at 10:00 and 2:00, lunch at 11:30, dinner at 5:30, bedtime at 7:00 pm, all give or take 1/2 hour in either direction. It only took about a year to get there!
  • Pretty good about going down for naps and bedtime. I ask if he is ready for "night-night" and he drops what he is doing and comes to me with outstretched arms. Still goes to bed with his lullabies, fan on, and blankie. Talks to himself for a few minutes after his milk, then he's out. What a long way we've come!
  • Favorite foods: all fruit (esp bananas, blueberries, strawberries, applesauce, raisins), beans, turkey meatloaf, pesto chicken, waffles, pancakes, eggs, noodles, cheese, peas (but still gets all other veggies in pureed form because he won't eat them diced), fruit and veggie Puffs, yogurt drops.  
  • Walking everywhere
  • Loves to dance
  • Thinks it is so fun to turn light switches on/off and watch the lights
  • Enjoys brushing his teeth, even when it's not time
  • Puts his arms out with palms up to indicate "all done"
  • First words are "uh-oh" and "wow".  Just starting to correctly use "da" for Daddy and "ma-ma".
  • Blows kisses
  • Can "high 5"
  • Favorite toys by far are cell phones and iPods
  • Likes to put his diapers in the diaper pail and dirty clothes in the hamper. Then he tries to pull them back out. 
  • Knows exactly which button on my alarm clock turns the music on and loves to turn it on and off. Sometimes he will turn it on, then hold onto the side of my nightstand and dance. Too funny!
  • Likes to roll trucks along the floor and make "car" noises
  • Knows which cabinets he can play in and which he is not supposed to be in. Goes in and finds the box of teething biscuits, will take one out and bring it to us to take out of the plastic for him. Amazing!
  • Adapts very well to new people and new places, for which we are very blessed, especially since we are 2 working parents. 

We recently made a trip to Memphis and Luke got to meet his cousins for the first time, who have been living as missionaries in Africa. Nanna gave them all shirts that said, "Here comes trouble!"

Cutie and a half. Seriously, in his little shorts, ankle socks and shoes, I just want to eat him up! Loving the shirt Auntie Kate gave him! 

Playing in the court at Grammie's house. All the neighborhood boys were out playing basketball and Luke wanted to join them.

Sweet Mommy and son moment. :)

I taught Luke how to help me water the plants. Now he always wants to water the plants. In fact, I have to keep the watering can empty because he will spill it everywhere! He found a watering can at Grammie's house and was so excited! Luckily, it was empty. Didn't stop him from "watering" everything, though!

So happy!

Ok, this is just the first of many, I know. I gave him the jar of oregano while I was cooking, thinking it was safe because the lid was screwed on. I failed to recall that it also had a flip top. I turned around to find oregano all over the floor, and Luke joyfully spreading it all about, so proud of himself! 

We cannot wait to watch him soak it all up and learn more and more new things in Year 2!


Leslie said...

I loved the oregano story and also the watering can one as well. Such sweet memories! Love you all!