Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So today, I (Sarah) was driving back from San Diego after visiting a client. It was a typical Southern CA day -- sunny, beautiful and about 75 degrees. As I was driving back up the coast heading home, sun roof open, ocean sparkling to my left, a truck drove past with a decal on the back window that said "Cali Style". I decided that phrase encompasses my current chapter in life. I am living "Cali Style". Though originally a Northern CA girl, I must admit that SoCal does have a certain draw. The longer I am here, the more I like it.


Jeremy and Amber said...

"Cali Style" is the way to go! The weather here has just been amazing! We are blessed to live here! Bring on more of this perfect weather!

Rick and Leslie said...

There is something to be said about the changing of the seasons, too. The beauty of the Spring and the Fall are beyond compare.Something that I doubt Southern Cali. has that compares to Tenn.
=-) Hint, Hint =-) Love ya both!!!!