Friday, March 16, 2007

As of 30 minutes ago, I read my last application for the season! Over the past few weeks there have been many nights when I brought work home and left Sarah downstairs with the tv. This past weekend, all I did was read about 170 applications. This weekend will be the first weekend in months that I have not done something work related. (Next weekend, i'll go back to my old habits for 45 minutes.)

But, now I start catching up on the class work I neglected. I have a few weeks to crank out a paper on the "body" in Pauline literature. I can take the word "body" in any direction I want: theology of the human body, sexuality, the church as the body of Christ, physical resurrection, etc. I haven't quite decided which one i'll do, but I'm leaning towards the body as community or physical resurrection.

I'll be traveling a bit again in the month of April. San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, (Alabama for family), then back up to Nor Cal for a week of college fairs. Then in May, Sarah and I finally will be embarking on the long awaited trip to Hawaii. We've been talking about this trip for 6 years! It was supposed to happen last year, but buying a condo put it on the backburner. We realized the other day, this will be the first weeklong vacation we have taken just the two of us since our honeymoon! We've had a couple weekend trips, or trip to TN or OR, but never a week away just the two of us.

Ok, so my secret to getting up and working out everyday . . .
This stuff does WONDERS to your workout. Yes, it is safe, it is not steroids. It actually makes you look forward to working out again. I've found out a few friends are on similar products (different brands) and love it just as much as I do.

Ok, that is all for now from me.