Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm beginning to think we might need to change the name of this blog. Since we don't write on here a lot, the word "adventures" doesn't quite capture the essence of our life. Or you could look at it, that our life is so adventurous that we barely have any time to blog. But, by the lack of material in our posts, who are we kidding.

Ok, here are a few updates from me. I'll make sure Sarah does some soon.

I went recently went to Gatlinburg, TN for Winterfest. It's a pretty large event with about 15,000 attendees. I got to see alot of non-californian friends. But, one of my favorite parts was getting 1.5 inches of snow in the beautiful Smoky Mountains! I got my fill of BBQ, had a good southern breakfast, and got to enjoy a nice drive from Gatlinburg to Nashville. Oh, yeah, and I brought back a lot of students' information to add to our database to we can send them propaganda.

Right now I'm working on a couple of sessionproposals for an admissions conference coming up. Anyone who has seen me in my admissions world knows that I absolutely love that aspect of the job. One will deal with the effectiveness of college fairs and high school visits. The other will be on admission presentation styles and encouraging people to use story and plot to inspire students towards their school (rather than assorted facts that students will forget).

I am supposed to be working on my Masters thesis at this point, but defining my topic is coming along slowly. It will definitely deal with parables- my favorite part!

If you notice from our history of posts, it has been just over one year that Sarah started this blog. We were writing up the contract for our condo and the pics of the empty condo were some of the first on here. Maybe we should do an update on how everything looks now. One of my admissions buddies came over this past weekend (One I will hopefully get to tell you about here on the blog in the future) and he made the comment about our living room, "wow, it's all so grown up!" Well, with all of the responsibility of a mortgage and maintenance, yeah, I guess we do feel a little more grown up. And, now that our taxes are much more complicated because of the condo, we REALLY feel grown up. (I know at least one person is going to leave some comment about grown ups should have kids, or something like that. Whatever.)

Oh, and I have consistently been getting up at 6AM to workout every weekday for at least 6 weeks straight (and i don't plan on stopping any time soon). What is my secret? I'll save that for another post, just to give people something to read.



kelli said...

Yay! An update from the Gillespies! We miss you! Have a great weekend!

The Emersons said...

my secret to getting up at 6am everyday is named Caden...

Rick and Leslie said...

I'm glad YOU brought up the subject, of children instead of me having to. =-) hee hee
love you both!!!