Monday, March 19, 2007

Well, guess what?! Sarah and I actually took advantage of living in Los Angeles and DID SOMETHING! Not just go to a restaurant, not just go see a movie, we went to an EVENT in Hollywood!

I entered this drawing online and ended up getting tickets to it. (I think there were about 250 people who won and each could bring a guest.) The event was to be the first audience to see the new trailer to the 3rd Pirates movie and to watch the classic Curse of the Black Pearl on the big screen again at Disney's El Capitan theater on Hollywood Blvd.

Well, we got down there about 2:30, knowing they would start checking in names on a list about 3:30. There are some "very interesting" people there to say the least. About 85% of the people dressed up in some sort of pirate outfit. A number of them just seemed to be into anything "pirate" or should I say "renaissance faire". Then there were a number of people who seemed to just genuinely like the movies. There were also some people that I think ended up there randomly.

When we checked in, they gave us a lanyard with a cool pass to the event (We felt official) and a bag with "stuff" in it. Inside was a replica bandana like Jack Sparrow's - the pattern is pretty close - and a promo for the new Pirates Online video game.

Around 3:50 a Disney woman approached me and asked if I liked to play video games. I told them I did and they asked if I wanted to come with them to demo a game. I told them I had my wife with me and they said they would only keep me for 5 minutes. (Liars.) They took me to a side door where I got to be the first of the day to play the demo for this new game. It was taking a little longer than I thought, so after a while of a programmer showing me how to play and then playing for a few minutes, I said I should probably get a back to my wife (who was standing in an alley in Hollywood with weirdos dressed like pirates). Oh yeah, they were filming me on and off while I was playing the game. They said they wanted to ask me questions in front of the camera, which I thought would be cool. So, they asked me what I liked best about the game. How similar is the game to the movies? What were your favorite parts of the first two movies? Who is your favorite pirate? What are you looking forward to in the 3rd movie? . . and probably another 3 similar questions. They wanted me to include the questions in my answers. "My favorite parts in the first two movies were. . ." After I got done, they guy told me I was a natural at doing that and that I did a great job. (Basically they picked a guy that looked "normal" and who knew how to follow directions in front of a camera and give good descriptive answers.) For my time they gave me a hat with the skull and swords logo on it and a flashdrive as well. (Later I went back and asked for a t-shirt with the logo and got one!)

After waiting for over two hours outside, they finally let the line in. We grabbed seats on the first row of the balcony - perfect. We got some snacks and waited to see how the event would kick off. They had an MC come out and do some give-aways. No luck for us there. He then said they had two of the actors from the movies! . . . it was Jack the Monkey, and the dog with the keys. Kind of funny. Then after giving away a few more items, he said they had a big surprise. ORLANDO BLOOM was there!!! It was a great surprise. He said thanks for being fans and then introduced the movie. Another celebrity to add to our list!

So, we had originally hoped the trailer would be first and then we could jet out during the movie at some point. Well, no. They had it all set up with intros from Bruckheimer, Geoffery Rush, and Orlando Bloom to show the MOVIE FIRST and then the trailer afterwards. Sarah looked at me with a look of "the things I do for you." So, we watched the movie - which we love. And FINALLY we got to see the trailer. . .twice. It looks amazing! It will be a very well done film and should be a grand finale to the trilogy.

We finally headed home about 8:15. A long day. I guess you could say we waited 5 and half hours to see a movie trailer. But, the event was done very well by the Disney people. Sarah and I had fun, wished it was a little shorter, but fun. If it ends up being the last Pirates movie, then it was the last chance to this sort of thing. Now if only we could get tickets to the Premiere of the movie. (We're about to admit the daughter of a VP of Disney Films. . .hmmm.)