Monday, September 07, 2015

Spring 2015

After a cold winter, we're always excited to welcome Spring! Here are some pictures documenting a few of our fun activities!

The kids got new bikes over spring break.  

 Is this not the cutest little girl bike ever?! She loves bringing her baby along for the ride!

Lacey started doing gymnastics at a real gym in January. So far she is really enjoying it!

Luke started doing the boys tumbling class, which seems to mostly be full of running, jumping over obstacle courses, playing on the tumble track, and lots of got-the-energy-out boy fun. He loves it. I don't have any good pictures of him, though.

Miss Lacey Lu also started ballet in January and had her first recital in May. The girls all looked adorable! While she appears to be doing the crane below, I'm pretty sure the intended position was something else...

Luke did T-ball again this year, but this time through Bellevue Baptist Church's league, which was much more organized than the league from last year. However, we don't do much practice at home and there were very few practices this year before they jumped into games, so he didn't have great skills. At this age it's more about the fun, though, right?

The kids started swim lessons in April at The Pool School and went twice a week April - May, and then Saturdays in June. Luke's skills have greatly improved and Lacey has just grown in her water comfort, which is still progress. The Pool School has swim team as the culmination of their lessons, and the swim team kids get to wear flippers. Luke thinks that is so cool and wants to keep going with swim so that he can progress to swim team and get to wear flippers, too! 

Luke and Daddy have gone overnight camping a couple times this Spring, just the two of them. They ate way too much junk food and didn't get great sleep, but enjoyed the experiences!

Looking forward to more memories this summer!