Monday, September 07, 2015

First Family Beach Trip!

We had no childcare the week after school was out and before camp began, so what did we do?? Made our first family trip to the beach! It was a long drive down to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, but it was a great few days. The kids had an absolute blast!

Allen got a couple great shots of the kids first time feeling the ocean on their feet! Unfortunately we had not yet checked in and, when poor Lacey was knocked over by an unexpected wave, we had no dry clothes to put on her. 

So the next day she decided to steer clear of that mean water that knocked her down and just enjoy the sand.

Luke, on the other hand, LOVED the waves and played in them ALL.DAY.LONG.

He even found a friend to play with who was doing the same. 
It's twice the fun with a friend!

Daddy taught him how to boogey board!

And finally by day 2-3, Lacey agreed to go into the water if someone held onto her.

The splash pad in front of the hotel was a hit, too. Perfect for little ones.

We ate breakfast and lunch in our condo but dinners out. We had some great ones! 

And the kids of course, had a ball at each place! 
The Hangout had a trampoline!

It took a couple days to get the hang of the beach thing since we had never done it before, but we all decided it was fun and look forward to going back, hopefully next summer!