Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ice & Snow Days Feb-Mar 2015

The kids finally got a few snow days, or rather, more ice days. Four ice days, actually, although the first one was President's Day when they were already going to be out of school. They only went to school 1 day that week, and then another storm caused them to call it again the following Monday. It was a hard week for working parents to balance kids at home and job responsibilities! The kids did stickers, built a fort, practiced sight words and math, played legos, video games, nerf war, done a couple simple science experiments, and watched a movie. 

Of course, there was some outside fun, too. Luke was so funny. He does not like going out when it's too hot, but he would spend a full hour outside in the freezing cold, even by himself, because he loved it so much. It snowed Thursday morning, but the roads were dry, so school was on. However, it was supposed to warm up and I knew the snow would melt during the day, so I woke Luke up a half hour early so he could play in the snow. He was so happy! Lacey didn't even want to go out. 

This was hysterical. We looked outside and Luke had gotten out his little lawnmower and was mowing the snow. 

Allen said the mower stopped and he fell over it and layed there for a minute. So dramatic, this one!

At least we got some this year! But we are more than ready for Spring. Enough of the cold weather.

...and then the March winter storm happened. Several hours of freezing rain were covered by 4-5 inches of snow. The real, powdery snow was pretty awesome, though. Unfortunately Allen was out of town for a conference and missed it.

The kids and I made snow ice cream. Novel, but we all decided that it wasn't really that great.

And now we are REALLY ready for Spring!