Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 Years Old!

Luke has been obsessed with firetrucks ever since one came to his school in the Fall.  I decided a few months back that it would make a great second birthday theme. This year's party was just a little family get-together, but since we now live close to so much extended family, it was a great little celebration. 

I made this 3D firetruck cake for something fun. Not my best work, but Luke liked it and it was fine for a 2 year old's party.

We met April, Brett, the boys and Nanna at the local fire station for a tour. The firemen were very nice and gave the boys hats and badges to wear. We all thought the trucks were pretty cool and were amazed by how gigantic a couple of them truly are. We were dwarfed next to them. 

The hose was heavy! Luke and Corban gave Caden a hand with it.

These are some BIG boots, Mom!

From the fire station, we headed back to the Gillespie Fire House where the boys colored in firetruck coloring books and watched Elmo Visits the Fire House while lunch finished cooking.

The boys had macaroni and cheese while the adults had 2-alarm chili and cornbread.

They thought their firetruck sippers were so cool!

Cake time! Luke tried to blow out candles on his own with very small breath, so he got a little help. :)

It's best if you really get your face down into it so you don't miss anything...

Daddy helped open presents.

Allen calls this shot "The After Party". 

We had a GREAT time and were so thrilled to spend a birthday with Allen's side of the family since that was not possible last year.  

On to Year 3!


Leslie said...

The party was so much fun. The cake was precious and the food yummy. Thanks for my 'special' chili without tomatoes. =-)Everyone had a great time and it was wonderful having all the family together. I am so thankful that all of you are here so we can share many more special times together. Love you Luke and Happy Birthday Big 2 Years Old!! =-)