Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fall Fun 2010!

October was such a busy month for us! Here is some of our fun:

A visit to Priddy Farms pumpkin patch

Driving the tractor is so much fun!

Getting ready for the hay ride!

The little blonde head in the last train barrel is our little pumpkin! 

Annie and I got to go to Carrie Underwood at the FedEx Forum!

Heading down Beale Street....

Pre-concert dinner on Beale

Billy Currington opened for Carrie.

We had awesome seats and loved the show! 

This picture does not do this part justice. I actually have a video I might post instead. She gets in this truck that hangs from the ceiling and runs on a track in a big circle. It was so cool. She was literally right above and in front of us when it came our direction.

Heartlight 2010. 
Agape's big fundraising dinner at Autozone Park.

Girls' night out for my mom's birthday! 
Yummy dinner at The Melting Pot.

Followed by WICKED at The Orpheum! I had seen it in LA, but neither Mom nor Annie had seen it. It was a traveling show only in town for 2 weeks. Not the same cast as LA, but still amazing!

Sweet little boy playing with his ball in our backyard.

He learned to smile when they say "cheese" at school. I asked him to do "cheese" for Mommy, and he stopped to give me this face. Too funny.

We love to bake and make all sorts of yummy goodness in the fall. This is year 2 for our caramel apples. We dipped them in caramel, then chocolate, then rolled them in toasted almonds. Heavenly! This one was a gift for Luke's teacher.

Playing with the pumpkins and hay bale in our front yard. It was the first really cold day-- only about 45 degrees! 

Luke has this little duck he loves to push everywhere. It plays the most annoying music as it rolls, but he loves it.

The most adorable little lion was at our house on Halloween. It was quite a feat getting him to wear his costume. He would not touch it for weeks. Allen put on his Barney Halloween DVD the day before Halloween and Luke realized the kids wore costumes. He went to get his and had Allen put it on him.  To ensure continued enthusiasm and guarantee he would wear it again, we let him watch the DVD a couple times on Halloween day. :) I didn't want to push my luck, so no black nose or whiskers were added, but would have been so cute. Oh well. At least he didn't have to just wear the Halloween t-shirt I bought as a back-up in case the costume was a no-go.  

Is this one my pumpkin?

Trick-or-treating at Nanna's house!

Luke loves the ducks at our lake. Every time he hears the ducks or geese he makes sure we heard them, too. He wants to visit them almost every day. We also have a couple beavers. The other day Luke and I were walking around the lake and a huge crane was standing in the water right in front of us. Although temporary, what a cool place to live for now.

Got this shot today. Beautiful (and chilly!) fall day.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas in the South!