Thursday, October 21, 2010

20 Months Old!

On October 11th, Luke turned 20 months old. We now formally have a "2" in front of his age, even if it is still just 20 months. So it turns out that, at least with our guy, most of what you hear about the "2's" is true: tantrums, stomping feet, strong will, desire for independence and testing boundaries. Not like I didn't expect it given that Allen and I are his parents. :) But really, despite the typical behavior associated with toddlerhood, he remains a loving, happy little boy.

20 month updates:
  • Weighs about 28 lbs; wears 18-24 mo pants and 18-24 or 2T shirts; still in size 4 diaper (size 5 overnights)
  • Loves to pretend-- will "cook" and stir something in a pot, then give you the spoon to taste. Likes to sit on daddy's lap in the car and "drive" with the steering wheel. 
  • Plays with the toy swords daddy bought him and makes the appropriate "yah" sounds as he swishes the sword around
  • Loves to wear grown-up shoes! He puts on any shoes left out and shuffles around with the biggest grin on his face. Mommy's Uggs are some of his favorites. 
  • Instead of simply pointing where he wants to go, he now takes your hand and pulls you wherever it is he wants to go. 
  • Ever increasing vocabulary with too many words to note and even a few phrases of 2-3 words, but among the new constant phrases: "shuc" (truck) and "sha" (Shelby, the name of the dog next door). A firetruck came to Luke's school a couple weeks ago and he has since become o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with trucks, but firetrucks in particular. We made the mistake of letting him watch some on youtube, and now cannot avoid having to watch them a gazillion times a day. The boy also loves, loves, loves dogs. Shelby is the neighbor's golden retreiver and we have to visit her at least once a day through the fence. Pretty sure a family dog is in our future, but not just yet.
  • Started school! He goes 2 mornings a week to encourage socialization and give Grammie a little break. His teacher, Miss Jean, says that he is the only one to clean up at the end of the day!
  • Still doing Kindermusik and enjoying it! 

Fun pictures from the last couple months:

We went to the fair over Labor Day and Luke's favorite part by far was the petting zoo.

He thought it was the craziest and funniest thing when the animals ate from his little cup of feed.

His first pony ride!

Bubbles were a fun summer obesession. We could not pass through the garage without "Bub?, Bub?"

Playing with the hose in his little wading pool or running through sprinklers were a couple more favorite summer activites.

Our little monkey swinging on the ledge of the kitchen shelf.

School days!

Loves to hang out and eat snacks with Auntie...

especially when Auntie has ice cream!!

Family outing to My Big Backyard at the Memphis Botanical Gardens! Crossing the rope bridge like a big boy! 

Playing in the thunderstorm as it "rains" from the pergola.

And since he was already wet, he jumped right into the little river.

At the Memphis Heart Walk with Team "C" (I don't spell out the full name of my employer for various reasons) for the American Heart Association. Doing the pre-walk warm-up dance. :)

Allen likes this picture because he was able to capture the Memphis bridge, Mud Island, a river boat and the Pyramid (and his fam!) all in one shot. :)

Love this boy. 

Happiness and sunshine. 

Luke, you are turning into a little boy before our very eyes!