Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas 2009

We were lucky enough to spend Christmas with both families this year!  My mom came down as soon as she was out of school and she and Annie were my childcare for the week as I had to work up to the 24th.  We celebrated Christmas at our house, complete with the Henderson tradition of BBQ ribs for Christmas Eve dinner that began years ago when we lived in Memphis.  On the 26th, we flew to Dallas to be with Allen's family.  We stayed with his parents at his grandparents' house and also visited with his Uncle, Aunt and cousins.  

What a treat it was to get to have Christmas with both families, especially for Luke! 

Unwrapping his first gift and having no clue what is going on. Much more interested in the crinkly paper than anything else.

First Christmas as a family of 3 and so happy!

Exploring his first sit-n-stand toy.  
He loves pushing it around and developing those walking skills!

I love the way he is sitting in this picture, just curiously looking at his new toys and not sure why he is getting them...

Playing with Grammie and his new barnyard.

Enjoying his Auntie and Auntie enjoying him! He is wearing this little onesie with a happy Christmas tree that says, "I love presents!" and "Present Snatcher" at the bottom.  I bought this the Christmas before he was born because it was too cute.  Seeing him actually wear it brought back fond memories of that time of anticipation. Still makes me smile even now.  :)

Christmas in Dallas! 
Granny Dot and Nanna fixed him up, especially with some great books, which were high on our list! 

Is this not sweet? Great-Granny Dot showing Luke his reflection.  It is the reflection of the 2 of them that I find most dear. We will cherish this picture!

What a wonderful and restful Christmas we had (after finally arriving in Dallas -- THAT is another story!)

Can't wait for next Christmas when April, Brett and the boys will be home on furlough and we all get to be together.  It's been too long!

~Merry Christmas and Happy 2010~