Monday, January 11, 2010

11 Months Old!

Our active boy is 11 months old today! His personality is really starting to show and I think he has quite a bit of both of us in him: stubborn, happy, social, busy, curious, strong-willed, active, and very loving.

Here's the latest:

  • Weight still ~22 lbs (will get formal stats at our 12 month check up)
  • Wears size 12 month clothes
  • In size 4 Huggies; still having to do the organic, fragrance-free diapers to keep diaper rash at bay
  • Has 3 teeth!
  • Very skilled crawler, pulls up and gets down with ease
  • "Cruises" along the couch or while holding onto surfaces, likes to walk with his push toy, but no steps on his own yet. The steps he does take are still on his toes. 
  • Refuses most baby food at this point, insists on eating "big boy" food. Some his favorites include cheese (he could seriously eat cheese all day if I would let him), grilled cheese sandwich, cheerios, freeze-dried apples, angel hair pasta/spaghetti, pears, peaches, applesauce (ok, this is still sort of baby food), puffs, bananas (loves bananas!) yogurt drops, chicken, beans (black/pinto) and most bread. Notice the veggies did not make this list. He will still eat a peas and carrots blend of baby food, but won't eat diced carrots. He was a fan of green beans last night, but not at lunch time today. We tried peas and he put each one in his mouth, then spit them out. We have some work to do.
  • Lifts his arms up and opens and closes his hands to be picked up
  • Can "high 5"
  • Talks CONSTANTLY. Talks while he plays, while he eats, while he gets dressed. Ladies at church were talking about how low is voice is already. He is definitely his Daddy's child. His sounds are not yet words, but are progressing past the one syllable babbles. I swear he said, "ok" to me the other day. He also recognizes some words, most notably "up", "down" and "more". I wish he did a better job of recognizing, "No!" 
  • Such a busy body. My mom says he is like a little flea-- he just flits from one place to another. He is not content to play by himself if you are nearby and busy doing something. He races over and pulls at your leg until you pick him up so he can see what's going on.
  • Loves to get into every drawer and cupboard and pull out the treasures he finds inside

Some of our favorite pictures from the past month:

Notice the 3 teeth in this one!


NO, he is not always happy and smiley!


Guess who learned to climb stairs??
Still not so good at coming down stairs (wants to go head first!) and has no regard for danger.
Makes for super vigilant parents!

Hello, Messy! He likes to rub his food-filled hands through his hair. Fun times for Mom.

So much more fun to dump out the entire basket of toys and view all your choices.


We are super excited about Luke's 1st birthday and can't wait for next month's post!


Leslie said...

Oh, the third tooth finally came in!=-) I was wondering if we would see it at Christmas or not. I love the new pictures and the ones we got for Christmas! Thanks and love you all bunches. =-)