Sunday, December 13, 2009

10 months old!

Our sweet boy is 10 months old! He is still as happy as ever and we still get stopped most places we go by comments on how happy, curious and alert he is. Yes, we have a happy boy. However, we also seem to have a strong-willed boy on our hands. I tell my mom that since I was a strong-willed child that I will be one step ahead of my own, right????

Here are our 10 month udpates:

  • Weight ~22 lbs
  • Wears a few 9 month size items, but mostly in 12 mo sizes
  • 2nd bottom tooth almost in, you can see the whole tooth at the top, just hasn't totally cut through yet; doctor says top 2 teeth are very swollen, but not through yet
  • Has started to say his "m's" and "n's", lots of "ma-ma"!
  • Loves to wave toys around and bang them together
  • "Baby" toys will no longer do; he is definitely into the more activity-oriented toys; still finds non-toys to be of the most interest, especially plastic bags of all kinds and any cords (of course things mom and dad want him to stay away from!)
  • Very coordinated in pulling up to a stand and getting back down
  • Fast crawler!
  • Haven't changed a diaper on the changing table for months because there is no way to successfully do so with such a mover. I put him on the floor, toy in his hands, and try to hold him down with my legs while my hands quickly change the diaper. If both Allen and I are home, we use the reinforcements!
  • Can "walk" by side-stepping around whatever surface he hangs onto; can take a few steps while holding your hands
  • Loves to open all cabinets and doors and pull out the treasures he finds inside
  • Had some sleep pattern regression due to teething, we are back to working off the night waking.... sigh.....
  • Also stopped eating during the day, I am guessing due to his teeth. Because he also started having fewer and fewer wet diapers, I had to take him to the doctor just to make sure nothing else was wrong. The doctor was pretty sure it was his teeth. He shows no signs of discomfort aside from the lack of eating, still a happy boy. Today was the first day I got him to take 3 bottles during the day - hooray! How he is still such a chubber when he never takes more than a 5-6 ounce bottle at the most, I am not quite sure. Guess his little body just uses what he gives it well!

Some of our most recent pictures
(some of them aren't in great focus, I apologize in advance!):

This is a classic Luke face. He does this "smush face" often and it is so funny, but hard to capture on camera! This is one of those not in great focus, but we got the face, and that's what I wanted to share.

He stands and walks on his tip toes, and sometimes with his toes curled under.
My sister and I both did this.

Since we have so many stairs in our house, we set up what we call a little "jail" in the living room. We form the gate into a semi-circle in front of the couch and Luke will play there for quite a while. He also likes to stand in front of the bars and "dance" by moving his body all around. So cute!

Talking to Daddy

He fills our lives with such joy! 
Can't wait to start planning that first birthday!


Robert and Kelli said...

Counting down the days until we are with yall and this sweet boy! He and Isaac are going to have so much fun together!!

Leslie said...

Precious pictures, and I like the new look of your blog page! =-)

Sarah + Ben said...

SO cute!!! Love the new blog look-- good job! Luke is just darling!!