Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year in Hood River, Oregon with my extended family. We booked our tickets back in August because we wanted to make firm plans to take Luke to meet my grandparents. Sadly, my grandmother passed away almost 2 months ago, before Luke ever got to meet her. My grandpa now no longer lives in the house I have visited since I was a baby. It was bittersweet staying at their home without them and all the more so because we realized that this might the last time we will ever stay in that house.

Although there were some sad moments, we still had a great time with family. Here are some of the highlights:

Happy boy!

Is this outfit not adorable? How appropriate for Thanksgiving in the country -- a flannel shirt and overalls!

Playing with Grammie while Mommy and Daddy slept in!

Meeting great-grandpa, who is 90 years old.
What a blessing that Luke got to meet one of my grandparents.

Is this not precious?!

Luke loved playing in great-grandpa's wheelchair. Too funny.

How cool is this pic that Allen took with leafless tree and fog in the background? It is my grandparents sweet little home, the one on Wells Drive (their namesake) that I have known all my life.

My sister, Katie, and her husband drove to Oregon and brought their dogs. Luke loved the dogs, especially Khara, a very sweet and well-behaved rotweiller. She let him climb, pinch, push and play all over and around him!

Our happy boy!

Josiah is my cousin's son, so Josiah and Luke are 2nd cousins.
He is a cutie and a half!

My sister, Katie, and cousin, Tracy (Josiah's mom).

With Auntie Annie

I love this picture. Uncle Scott is missing, but this is mom, her brother and his wife and grandpa.

There are not even words for the sweetness of this picture...

We had almost 30 of us together for Thanksgiving dinner.
Made for a full house, but so much fun!

Yes, I think bittersweet is the best way to describe our holiday.
Smiles through the tears.


Leslie said...

What wonderful pictures and such precious memories made. You will cherish these for a long, long time. =-)

Sarah + Ben said...

Wow... I got SO teary reading this!! That picture of your mom and grandfather is absolutely precious-- you can just feel the love. I am so sorry about your grandma's passing. What a blessing that grandpa was able to meet Luke! xo

Sarah Heinle said...

I loved this post. I miss you all so much!! It looks like you had a great visit and took lots of photos. The photo of your mom and grandpa made me cry. It made me think of my grandparents. Sometimes I wish we could freeze time to hold on to the ones we love so much a little longer. I send many hugs!!