Saturday, August 08, 2009

Really? That long?!

Yes, really. It has been 10 years since Allen and I met. What is so crazy is that, if you know our story, God gave me a little glimpse into the future the very first time we met. We were at Faith Development Camp where Allen came to sing with Won By One and I was a counselor attending with my church. Apparently he saw me but I did not notice him. I was late arriving for the evening session and the only spot to sit was next to him. Soon after I arrived, Chris asked us to get in groups of 3 to pray and Allen asked me if I wanted to join their group. It was dark and I couldn't even really see him. However, we held hands to pray with our group and all of a sudden this crazy feeling overwhelmed me and this thought entered my mind: "I don't even know this guy, but I could marry him." It was one of those scary weird moments, especially because I had a boyfriend at the time. I love this memory and cherish the little glimpse God gave me. Anyway, it was 10 years ago this summer that God shared that with me. Isn't that cool?


Leslie(mom/Nanna) said...

I love this story! =-)

Tracey Clem said...

Hey Sarah,

Funny...I remember that weekend too! :) That guy you sat by wouldn't stop talking about you.

I just stumbled across your blog from Amber's blog, and love catching up on your pics of sweet little Luke. What a doll!! You guys look like you're having fun. I would send you the link to our blog, but it is ridiculously out of date. I'm horrible! :)

Give Allen a huge hug from me! I pray you are all well and enjoying these early months of parenthood.