Saturday, May 05, 2007

It has a been a while since the last post, but we have been busy! We both finally returned from all our travels to jump right into Lectures week. We love that week because we get to connect with friends we do not get to see often. Most of our time was spent with the Spiveys, the Goldmans and we even got to see Kelli (Isaac) Duhaney for a short time, among others (Aunt Beverly and Uncle David included - how great is that!)! I am sure that Allen will have more to say about Lectures week when he gets around to adding to the post....

I want to blog about my fun time today at the Nordstrom Cosmetics Trend show! I go faithfully each spring and fall, but this spring was the first time I successfully coordinated the outing among friends! Seven of us woke up rather early for a Saturday morning and arrived at 8:00 am for the show. Each cosmetics counter has a time slot in the show where the lastest trends are presented with or without the use of a model and TONS of free samples are given for various products. Upon completion of the show, all 200 or so guests head down to the cosmetics area for more samples, gifts-with-purchase and make-overs. It is an all-around girly good time and I am so glad to ahve finally shared it with friends. I have the feeling that attendence may become a semi-annual event for us all now. ;)

We have also begun our countdown to Maui -- we leave on Thursday, so only 4 more days to go!