Monday, April 09, 2007

This past weekend was my 27th birthday. I am officially in my late twenties. Despite some friends who have issues with getter older (ahem, Katie C.), I find that a couple more years under the belt actually serve to my benefit. WORK WISE: what CEO wants some kid advising them on how best to use the company funds for healthcare? LIFE WISE: the age of 27 came with a significant drop in our auto policy rates. I am not afraid to grow old as long as there is wrinkle cream in the world.
So Friday night Allen took me to dinner at the Chart House In Malibu. It's a great place right on the water. Saturday he surprised me with flowers (he always picks the best ones!) and went to the mall with me to get another set of my new dishes as a birthday present (I have been looking for new white dishes forever and finally found THE ones).
However, we both agree that the best part of the weekend was Saturday evening. We headed to Hollywood for dinner at The Grill on Hollywood with my Dad, then to the Pantages Theater see WICKED, a musical that is all the rage right now. My Dad surprised us with tickets for my birthday. Apparently they are almost impossible to come by and he actually got them way back in November. I was nervous at first because, although I love musicals and theater performances, I hate the Wizard of Oz (it's just weird), and my Dad was just thinking this was the best present ever (The pressure! I am a terrible liar; I will say it like it is). It turned out to be completely different from the original movie. It basically reported the untold story of the witches of Oz, going back to a time when they were in school together where they became friends. The music, singing and plot line were fabulous! I would see it again in a second! SO, yes, we had a wonderful time!! Catch a couple pics below.

Sunday was Easter. We wore our pastels despite a chilly day in SoCal and headed to Marie Callendar's after church for brunch. When I told Annie we ate there she was embarrassed for me because that's where our grandparents like to eat for the senior discount. Well, we didn't want to spend much money, but wanted a brunch/breakfast buffet and somewhere we wouldn't have to wait too long: Marie Callendar's it was.

Happy Easter wishes to all family and friends with whom we missed spending the holiday!


Jeremy and Amber said...

I'm so glad you had a special birthday. Happy 27th! You look amazing for someone in their late twenties! Those CEOs better look out...another year under your belt could make you pretty fierce. :)