Monday, May 21, 2007

The Hike

We decided to take a guided hike through the "rainforest" on the north side of Maui. We would be guided to 4 or 5 waterfalls. We got up early (for being on vacation) and drove to Kahului to meet our shuttle van at 8am. Our guide's name was Kahi. Kahi means "eldest" as he is the eldest of 10 children and his wife is the oldest of 13. His family goes back 36 generations on Maui! the family owns about 3,000 acres of farm land up on the side of the mountain. He teaches elementary school and does the hikes on the side. But, you would have thought he had a PhD in Botany.

Kahi would stop at every other tree/plant to educate us. He would grab a leaf, pull up a root, pluck a fruit, or grab some flower and tell us to touch, smell, and eat all kinds of random things. We learned that just about every plant on Hawaii has some kind of medicinal use. And some are basically a doctors office with leaves.

The trees and plants were great, but the waterfalls were the best part.
This splash is me. I jumped off where the man up top is standing. It was about 25 feet.

This one was about 80 feet, so there is no way you could get me to jump off that one.

This is one of the falls of "Twin Falls".
This is the "other" falls of "Twin Falls". But as you can see, there is no water. It only becomes a waterfall in the rainy season.