Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We've been experiencing reversed situations the past few days. The typical routine is for me (Allen) to be out of town for work and Sarah at home. However, Sarah has been in Denver over the past couple of days for work and I have been here.
I've tried to make the most of my time here by myself by hanging out with friends that are owed some overdue hang out time. I even squeezed in some karaoke last night! (the beatbox is always a crowd fav)
But, I'm ready for Sarah to come home.
We've got a trip to Hood River, OR coming up soon!
I'm looking forward to morning walks, time outside, and catching up on reading.


Tammie said...

It is the pits to be without your spouse, isnt' it? I really hated being in Philadelphia for so long without Tim. I was so glad that he came to see me the middle weekend! That was so much fun. Hope Sarah gets back safely!

We're going crazy getting ready for Laura's wedding on Thursday. She said to tell you that she is really sorry she never got your address to send an invitaiton, but she didn't figure that you could get here anyway. Maybe some holiday you and Sarah and Laura and John will be here some time at the same time.