Thursday, June 22, 2006

I thought with 24 and LOST ending, we would not be tempted to watch so much tv due to a lack of intersting shows. Why did I attempt to underestimate network television?

Sarah and I are both vastly entertained with Last Comic Standing. We watched the first two seasons (season 2 was the best), skipped the third, but are now totally hooked on the 4th.

There are several comics that can make you laugh, but our favorite (and probably one of America's favorites) is Josh Blue.
Josh has cerebral palsy and uses his situation as the source of his comedy. If you watch Josh do at least 30 seconds of comedy, he will make you laugh and when he walks off stage you find your self cheering for him. We'll see how far he goes. He'll definitely have to employ some comedy outside of his disability if he wants to win. But, everyone will love him.

Another show I think I will love is Treasure Hunters. Its kind of like Amazing Race in that teams will travel in order to advance, but each step involves a puzzle that has to be solved.
This past week the as the teams were figuring out where they needed to go, their bus driver would accept either Mount Rushmore or Mount Theodore Roosevelt. I was thinking that Rushmore would have been too obvious a guess. You know what one other team reasoned like that as well? The geniuses! Too bad the Geniuses were WRONG. Oh well, we can't get everything right.

Looks like Sarah and I will have our Monday and Tuesday nights booked up for a couple of months. Ok, we do have tivo so I guess we could watch our shows later if we had to.


Tammie said...

Does everyone in the world have TIVO except me? I don't think I'm smart enough to work it!

Sarah and Allen Gillespie said...

Tammie, if you can check email and have your own blog, then I guarantee you that you can work Tivo. :)

The Emersons said...

fortunately, they showed treasure hunters again tonight for those of us that missed it on tuesday (it was tuesday, right?) good show. i think we'll try and record it and then enjoy in africa where there is no tivo much less tv. ;)