Sunday, May 07, 2006

What's this about sending me harassing emails?? I do the best I can, y'all. Besides, not everything we do is worth writing about...

Lectures was great. Though I had my blackberry in hand during some of the talks, I still got to enjoy them. I am not one who likes to go and sit through the classes. I would much rather spend time with the people I do not see often. My mom was one of them and it was great to spend time with her in that setting. Annie was the director of childcare for ages 6 months - 2 years and came home with spit up and all sorts of yummy stuff on her shirt each night. I really enjoyed spending time with Emily Spivey and the Goldman Family. You know how you have those people who are treasures in your heart? That's how I feel about the Goldmans and I hate that we see them so seldom. Allen is trying to get Ashley (their oldest, a senior this coming year) to come to Pepperdine. Josh is already interested (he's 16). If we get them out here, we'll get to see their parents a lot more often!

It was also nice to spend time enjoying Pepperdine while not living there. On all the beautiful days that occurred while we had a home there, I stayed inside. You never take advantage of what is freely given to you. The weather on Friday was gorgeous and the ocean was beautiful so I sat outside and soaked up the sun for quite a while.

Mom left this morning. After church, we stayed for the ministry fair and the In 'N Out truck that the church brought to promote the ministry fair. This afternoon we intend to enjoy time working on the office. We finally have our grill back so we may run to Home Depot for a propane tank this afternoon. It feels SO good to have our own place!