Monday, May 29, 2006

We have 2 cars in the garage - we did it! This weekend has been crazy, getting everything as in shape as it can get before the family comes. We did have some fun, too. Today, Memorial Day, our church had a big picnic in the park with tons of food and a creek where the kids caught tadpoles. It was great to get to spend another day with friends that otherwise would have been spent in the office!

Allen will be gone at a conference this week and so he is too stressed to comment today. He is giving two presentations while there and has caught the eye of several good-to-know people. He has accomplished so many great things in his job this past year - I am so proud of him!

Our family comes this week and we are so excited! Having them here will get us out of the house; we love to stay home and just hang out. Of course, that also means we never really go anywhere. So, having them here will be a great excuse to get out and about and enjoy time with them. The end of the week cannot come fast enough!


Momma Gillespie said...

We are just as excited!
Can't wait til Friday when we are all together!
Love you both and see ya soon.=-)
Momma G