Saturday, March 25, 2006

Well, Monday we signed all the papers before Allen left town again. Although we technically close on Wednesday, we really are just waiting for a phone call that all has gone through, and is completed, and get the keys. Hooray!

My mom came down this weekend since Allen was gone and we did the walk-through with our realtor and the listing agent. A couple more things and we are good to go! We will paint the bedrooms on Wednesday evening before the carpet is installed on Thursday. Our new desk for the office comes on Friday. SO exciting!

Today we will be packing what we can. I hate this part of moving. Though we have moved so many times, we have been blessed not to have to pack ourselves but twice, both times were our local moves. Luckily I have all the boxes I need. My dad is the VP of a box company and so he hooked us up with the actual moving boxes they supply to U-haul, one of their customers. I still have to figure out how we will be moving furniture...friends have offered to help, so we may go that route. Our last experience with cheap local movers was not a good one...

As soon as we get moved in and things put away we'll post new pics!


Momma G said...

Rick and I are SOOOOOO Excited for the two of you. I just wish we were closer so we could help you pack those boxes and move a few,too. =-) Good luck with the move and know that the two of you are in our daily prayers!!
We love both of you!!!!
Rick & Leslie