Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Things are moving along right on schedule! Last weekend we picked out carpet for the 3 upstairs bedrooms and a new ceiling fan for the master bedroom. Because the previous owner was in the process of updating the entire place, some things were not yet completed at the time we first saw it. Rather than have the seller complete the carpet installation, we are going to receive a credit towards new carpet so we can pick it out ourselves. We picked "frize" (friz-zay) carpet with the little specs in it, kind of an off-white color. We will have it installed probably after painting is completed but prior to move in. Our close date is March 29th, so we are trying to wrap up all these little details as quickly as possible.

This weekend the pre-packing will begin. To me, this basically means going through our office and cleaning out all the junk. If it were up to me, I would throw away most everything. It turns out, though, that some of what I'd like to throw out are considered valuable papers and books to Allen..

I hate moving and all the hassle associated with changing addresses, etc. Beyond that we will finally have to register our cars and ourselves with CA. That is going to mean big $$$. Registering a car in CA is not cheap. Once we are registered, our car payments and insurance also increase due to LA County costs. The part that most concerns me about registering in CA is how frequently people I know are called to Jury Duty. We're talking the LA County courthouse. Like where the OJ trial happened. I do NOT want to be called to the LA County courthouse! Unfortunately it all comes with the territory. I am just going to have to focus on the positives of a new home. :)