Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Check it out! I decided that keeping a little bloggie of my own would occupy some time while Allen is so busy. Since he fails to update his frequently, ya'll come on over here for the latest.

It is still early 2006, so I can start here. Where does the time go? Today is actually Valentine's day. Allen and I spent the evening falling asleep on the couch to the Olympics (this was, like, 6:00) and then Allen made some chili for dinner. I ate cereal. Romantic, huh? Actually we had a whole romantic weekend! We both took last Friday off work and went to Disneyland early Friday morning. This weekend marked the 5th anniversary of our engagement and we decided to go back to the place it happened to celebrate. The awesome part of it all was that we did not have to drive all the way home dead tired -- we stayed in Anaheim at a beautiful Marriot there! On Friday afternoon we checked in, took a nap, then went back to the park for dinner and more Disney fun. The fireworks show that evening was hands down the best I have ever seen - the pyrotechnics were amazing!

Saturday morning Allen had booked massages for us both at the new CA Hotel. It is a gorgeous hotel designed like a sophisticated mountain lodge with large boulders surrounding the fireplaces in the lobby. Though it is connected to Downtown Disney, large trees (very California-esque) hide the hotel from the busyness of the rest of Disney. I introduced Allen to massages and new he looks for an opportunity to ensure some "spa action" with any little vacation we take. Too cute. The rest of Saturday we spent at the CA park and relaxing at a the "Dick and Jane" movie. That was a good one, pretty funny.

Sunday was a slower day. We slept in and then made arrangements to meet up with Matt Ebeling, a fraternity bro of Allen's from back in the day and the one who had a big helping hand in Allen's engagement scavenger hunt for me. Matt has worked for Disneyland for the past 6-7 years, Al's dream job. :) He had just bought a condo with his new wife in Anaheim Hills and wanted to show us around, so we enjoyed lunch and some time spent with him. We then headed home to do some laundry and prepare for the work week. We had a wonderful time and I have to thank Allen for planning out the whole fabulous thing! Love ya, Honey!


The Emersons said...

I'm so glad that someone is willing to update the rest of the fam. ;) We love you guys and look forward to your future posts.