Monday, March 07, 2016

Holidays 2015

Here are some of our favorite moments from Christmas season, 2015:

Kids decorating their playroom tree

Luke putting the star on top of our family tree.

This year's ornaments were all about our first family beach trip.

We visited Bass Pro to see Santa early this season to make sure he had the kids' wish lists! 

First year with no tears or apprehension!

Mom and Dad had fun at our church class Christmas party!

Some of our fun excursions:

Lacey had a pony ride at the end of the Starry Nights display!

We did Alpine Village with the Emerson kids and Nanna. What a great event!

Snowy Nights at the Botanic Gardens. 
Lacey finally got her own Light Bright picture like Luke's. 

Miss Bossy Pants on her throne. :)

Zoo Lights

Christmas Eve/Day

Auntie Kate and Uncle Chad came to visit over Christmas and we all decorated cookies together on Christmas Eve. 

The kids both got to open a few gifts on Christmas Eve. 
Lacey was very into baby dolls and got both a new doll and doll stroller.

Luke was all about Legos and Nerf blasters.

Santa came!

We had another blessed Christmas!

Early January also brought a couple fun things:
1) Snow Day! More snow was expected than we got, but it was enough accumulation to play in and the only snow day we got this year, so we enjoyed it!

And 2) Luke enjoyed a date night with Mom and Dad to see Avengers Live at the FedEx Forum, which was fantastic, and then dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

Cheers to 2016!