Saturday, February 28, 2015

Luke is SIX!

Our oldest baby is 6! Here are some fun facts about Luke at 6 years old:

  • 47 inches tall, weighs 49 lbs.
  • Wears big boys' size 5-6 or small. Shoe size is 13.5 or 1.
  • Favorite foods include strawberries, pizza, chicken nuggets. LOVES candy and pretty much all sugar (cookies, cake, etc.) He remains very picky and is actually in food therapy because he eats fewer than 20 foods overall. It had even gotten so bad that he would not even come to the table if he didn't like what was on his plate. So far there is actually a little progress being made through the therapy. He now accepts apples with the peel on, and will take and eat a whole apple as one of his school snacks. We are working on leaving the crust on sandwich bread. He'll accept 2 sides on so far. Sounds silly, but this is why we've been doing food therapy.
  • Luke is also taking speech therapy for his lisp and a few other sounds that need correction. His speech therapist also does the food therapy. She comes to his school and meets with him for 1/2 hour every Wednesday.
  • Is currently taking a boys tumbling class to help get rid of some energy on Saturday. So far he really likes it. I tease that this is step #1 to Daddy training him as a ninja. ;)
  • Will be doing t-ball this spring. He has a lot of energy and needs positive ways to use it. He seemed to like t-ball last year, so we'll give it another go.
  • Loves to run and play. Kindergarten games include chase, tag, soccer, acting out characters he likes with the other boys (mostly from lego shows) etc. Makes friends easily. Still tries to get people to like him by acting goofy/being class clown. 
  • Loves to play video games with Daddy or computer games. Legos are his current favorite activity. Also likes to watch his "boy shows" like Lego Ninjago, Hero Factory, super hero cartoons, Rescue Bots, and Lego Chima.
  • He received a nerf gun for his birthday and has been all about "playing nerf" with Daddy, who also coincidentally had a nerf gun show up the same time Luke got one.
  • Has started to show an interest in girls! (already?! sniff..) He informed us early in the school year that he had a girlfriend, Anna. Unfortunately Anna moved to a new school at the semester. He informed us about a month after that that he had a new girlfriend, Isabelle from Miss Claire's class. I asked him how he decided who his girlfriend was and he said whoever was the prettiest and best. (I was dying!) Apparently Anna was the first prettiest and best, and Isabelle was next.
  • Luke still loves his little sister and likes to give her hugs and cuddle with her sometimes, but he does not like her touching any of his legos or messing with his toys, so there is definitely a line he doesn't want crossed.
  • Can be moody, but mostly when he's tired or hungry.
  • Is quick to correct his behavior or cooperate for something he deems an appropriate reward. For instance, he'll do his homework (which he hates) without much squabbling if he gets to chew gum while doing it. Or he'll do sight words with me if he gets 1 skittle for every 5 correct words. Or he'll try extra hard to be good in church if he knows he will get to play star wars video games with Daddy for good behavior when he gets home. He is easily motivated, but only with the right reward. 
  • He already tells me his favorite part of school is recess. I tell him he has a long way to go for recess to be his only favorite. He has been blessed with a good teacher who understands his energy and desire to talk and be funny, but she has done a really good job helping him keep it in check. 
  • Seems to be liking math a little better than sight words and reading, but it's too soon for me to say he has more apptitude in one area or the other. 
  • Can finally tie his shoes. We had to buy him his first tie shoes just for the purpose of making sure he learned how because he was going to be tested on that skill at school. It took a while to master, but he can do it! 
  • Wrote his first thank you notes following gifts he received for his 6th birthday (over his dead body, but we did 'em).

Instead of a big party this year, Luke got to invite 2 friends to Incredible Pizza for a couple hours of fun. He invited our neighbor, Thomas, and his good friend from school and tablemate, Jonathan. The boys had a blast and Luke did not miss a big party at all. We made Lego Chima cupcakes for school and had all the family over for cake and presents on his actual birthday. 

Mommy loves air hockey, too!

He couldn't reach the pedals on this one and needed a lap to help him out.

Black light mini golf!

Game fun!

A little ice cream to end the fun.

Lunch with the birthday boy at school.

The Lego Chima cupcakes Luke took to school.

Writing his first thank you notes.

Our six year old's favorite things/updates:

Playing legos with Daddy.

Mommy/Son movie date! We saw Big Hero 6 together.

The Children's Museum is one of his favorite places. So many different things he loves to do there! 
He also loves Chuck E Cheese, Incredible Pizza, and also playing video games at home. 

Two bottom front teeth lost and already growing back in! 

We love you, big SIX year old!