Sunday, January 04, 2015

Fall Fun 2014

Our Fall was full of activities, as usual!

Raking and jumping in leaves!

And cute Fall clothes! This dress was made by Grammie.

Pumpkin Patch
We got to combine our annual pumpkin patch outing with our friend Carson's birthday. Later we carved pumpkins at Nanna and Grandpa's house with the cousins.

The kids also had their annual "pumpkin patch" at school, which is basically like a Fall carnival day with lots of games.

Luke and his buddy, Thomas, were putting sticker faces on their pumpkins.

Bean bag toss!

Halloween mini golf!

Luke's cute Senior Kindergarten class

This year Lacey wanted to be Elsa, of course, and we were all set with her costume she had received an Elsa dress and sparkly silver shoes for her birthday.

Luke couldn't decide what he wanted to be, and my mom found a ninja costume at Costco complete with several weapons (2 swords, nunchucks, throwing stars, etc). He was sold when she showed it to him.

The kids had a chance to wear their costumes to Trunk or Treat at church, but it was usually hot that day this year and our trunk or treat experience was pretty short lived, but Allen did get a few pics.

Halloween was on a Friday this year, which was bad news. There are no naps in Sr. K and by Friday Luke is usually exhausted. He didn't want to put his costume or any other on because he decided everything itched him and he threw such a fit that by the time he did put something on to trick or treat in our neighborhood, I made him call it quits after 4 houses due to his bad attitude. We'll look forward to next year being a better Halloween.

Here's Luke's class party before the evening madness.

Elsa was ready to go trick or treating.

This picture didn't turn out, but it's the only evidence I have that, yes, they did get to go out trick or treating, at least to a few neighborhood houses! Here they are at Grammie's. 

Harding 5k - Happy in Memphis
The first weekend in November is when Harding hosts their annual 5k fundraiser. This year's theme was Happy in Memphis, after Allen's video from last Spring. There is a 5k for adults and older kids and, for the little ones in Early Childhood, there was a 500 yard dash around the track. The school hosted an outdoor carnival afterward.

Getting ready to run!

Luke was one of the first in, but I was keeping an eye on Lacey so I didn't get a picture of him. She ran the whole way, but I think she was the last one in!

So proud of her medal, though!

At the carnival after the race....

All my pictures are of Lacey because Nanna took Luke around where he wanted to go. 
Karaoke time! She begged to sing Little Mermaid, so I paid the money and let her have a turn, and she barely muttered the words because went shy. At least it was a fundraiser.

Face painting!

Auntie Kate and Uncle Chad were here for Thanksgiving this year. Auntie Kate got to go to school for the kids Thanksgiving feast and enjoyed playing with the kiddos while here. Unfortunately I didn't do a good job taking pictures of the family.

I did, however, get a few from the kids Thanksgiving feast at school.

Showing us her turkey project

Luke's Native American name was Swift Fox. They designed their own t-shirts and he did a great job on his! Always the clown, this one!

Happy Holidays!