Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer 2014 and First Day of School!

The month of May was a whirlwind of end of school activities and we were launched into summer. It couldn't come quickly enough because I could tell my kids were ready for a break, and I was so ready for a break from daily lunch-making and running out the door every day at 8 am.

Mother's Day 2014

And just like that, summer seems to have flown by!

Auntie Annie stayed with the kids while I worked during the week and they had all sorts of adventures together. She kept them busy and wore out their energy! They went to parks, CMOM, splash parks, and Little Gym classes, among other places. She also helped keep up Luke's school activities and reading at home, much to his chagrin, since he is all about play time.

Luke did basketball camp one week to see if he had any interest and give him something to do. He seemed to like it.

We also took a couple trips to visit my dad who moved to Louisville, KY. One of them was over the 4th of July where the kids had s'mores for the first time and we played with sparklers and fireworks.

Luke started Senior Kindergarten and Lacey is doing the 2 year old class again due to her September birthday. We're a month in and, so far, so good! Lacey is napping every day, praise the Lord! This was a big problem end of last year. Luke seems to have settled in and is doing a great job staying on "green" most days and doing well academically.

Luke's teacher is Miss Paige Campbell.
Lacey's teacher are Ms. Stephanie Price and Ms. Lori.

Hope Miss Paige is ready for this!

Here's to a great year!