Friday, April 04, 2014

Luke is FIVE!

My first baby is FIVE years old! I still feel like we are doing our best to figure out this whole parenting thing, and all of a sudden we've been at it for five years! And Luke--ah Luke--well, let's just say ages 3 and 4 have been a challenge! He is bright, funny, full of imagination, a leader, class clown, and it is his love of attention that gets him into trouble! At the same time he is compassionate and very sweet with Lacey. Though she, herself, is quite the spitfire and often initiates attacks on him, he usually (emphasis on *usually*) does not retaliate. He is just quick to call in parental reinforcements. This has actually surprised me, and made me proud of him. 

  • At his 5 year check-up he weighed 43 lbs and was 44.5 inches tall. He wears size 5T Toddler or XS Boys shirts and is moving into 5T Toddler or 4 or 5 Boys pants. 
  • He had to get 4 shots and unfortunately did not make it through without crying hysterically and requiring an extra pair of arms to hold him down. As soon as they were finished, he looked at me and said, "That wasn't so bad." Too bad he didn't listen to me beforehand!
  • He has recently decided he no longer really needs his blankies, which is interesting because I decided at 5 years old that I no longer needed my blankie.
  • Very imaginative! Although he hates to play alone, he can turn any toy into any game and expects you to imagine right on with him! Almost all games and toys are turned into superheroes and fighting/shooting of some kind. He even prefers to play Chutes and Ladders with small superheroes as game pieces.
  • Not so much into books. Although he can read many beginning books, he does not enjoy reading and never does so by himself. This is consistent with his personality, even as a baby. When we read together, he often tries to "read" by looking at the pictures and telling me what he thinks some of the words should be, rather than reading all the actual words.
  • Loves video games. Really. Video game time with Daddy is his reward Sundays after church if he has made it successfully through the morning. His attention-seeking personality often makes good behavior through church and Sunday school a bit difficult.
  • Luke has been attending Junior Kindergarten 5 full days/week, which is more than I was ready for him to do, but the program was either 5 full or 5 half days. We started out with half days and he said he wanted to stay and be with his friends, so we transitioned to full days early in the year. The strict schedule has been good for him, as has the socialization. His academic progress is fantastic and he will be more than ready for Senior Kindergarten.

His 5th birthday party was held at C.R.O.S.S.Fire Commandos. It's basically set up like a Special Forces obstacle course with trampoline, foam pit, zip line, etc. Recently he has gotten very into Ninjago, which are ninja legos, and so he insisted on a Ninjago themed party. 

All the kids had an absolute blast on the zipline. I loved the ecstatic faces!

Two cakes: this one for the party...

And this one for our celebration at home on his actual birthday! I bought the sugar sheet with the image and Grammie made the cake with cute lego decorations.

From Luke's 5 Year Old Photo Shoot

 We are so thankful and blessed to have a happy, healthy 5 year old!