Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fall Fun 2013

We took a trip to the pumpkin patch with Allen's parents. We have gone to the same pumpkin patch for the last 3 years because it's not that far away, and because it also has a great kids play area with a large wooden pirate ship play structure, a barrel train to ride, scarecrow making area and more. 

Taking the hay ride out to the patch!

 With GranPa

With Nanna

I love that my sister can make so many adorable things! 
This shirt is one of her embroidery creations.

These next 2 pictures melt my heart!


Luke decided well in advance of Halloween that he wanted to be Batman this year. So Lacey became Batgirl. Half the costume is from one I bought on a local resale site, and half my mom made. Interestingly, there were several Batgirls at our church's Trunk-or-Treat this year. I didn't know it was such a popular character. I love the idea of more girl superheroes!


We played host this year to my sister, Katie, and her husband, Chad, as well as to our high school friend, Sarah, and her family. It was a busy week! Unfortunately the week kicked off with the stomach big at our house. It mostly hit Luke and me, but it took me down for a good 2 days, and a mama can't afford to lose time during the holidays! (These pics are all from my phone, so are much poorer quality, but still worth the memories!)

The kids each had a Thanksgiving feast with their class at school.

Turkey craft with Mommy while Lacey napped.

I recovered in time to do the 4 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, though! It was freezing, literally! Started at 27 degrees and warmed up to a whole 36 by the time we left!

My 2, and 2 of Sarah's 3 boys. The boys made Thanksgiving headbands.

The kids also made their own placemats. My girl loves her some Hello Kitty stickers!

I hate that I left the napkin on this one because my mom's new Thanksgiving plates were beautiful!

I have no pictures of the girls on a late night Black Friday run (actually it was Thanksgiving night), but we had fun and checked some things off our lists!

It was a fun fall season!